5 Tips To Improve Your Shot Accuracy In Archery

5 Tips To Improve Your Shot Accuracy In Archery


Well, not everyone with a bow and arrow can actually excel in archery. Shot accuracy plays a vital role in making you a good archer. You need to be positioned correctly to shoot bow and arrow accurately. But, there is a lot more to it than just the right position. Down below, we have mentioned a couple of ways that should help you achieve a good shot. 


1) The beginning of the shot

In the beginning of the shot, if the body is straight and not moving, archer's shots will be steadier. If you play the cards right from the very beginning, you can be rest assured of a good shot performance.

The important points to be paid attention at the beginning of the shots in archery are:

  • The foot position
  • The leg alignment
  • The body position,
  • The placement of the bow shoulder
  • The placement of the bow arm
  • The archer's hand position. 

    2) The standing position


    During the launch, everybody just concentrates on getting their hands on a bow and shooting the arrow, without paying much attention to the positioning of their feet and body.

    • The archer should stand at the shooting line bar with a slightly opened pose. 
    • The toes of the archer's shoes should be aligned towards the target.
    • While standing on the shooting line, try spreading the feet longer and wider.

     Archers must work on increasing the leg's toughness. The leg position must be a relaxed one, but at the same time, not to be bent. Keeping your body weight forth develops a harmony and it is suggested to wear shoes having a slightly higher heel to move your body forth. 


    3) A good bow arm


    A good bow arm does not move upon execution of the shot, till the arrow has disappeared. Placement of the upper arm must be positioned inwards for proper adjustment of the shot. This indeed will cause the bow elbow to be positioned outwards. Having a well-tuned bow is hard as without having a proper structure, even the well-tuned bow would not perform with great efficiency. 


    4) Correct placement of string hand


    As you clinch the string with your draw hand, the string is supposed to be placed right behind the first joint of the middle finger. The right string placement permits archer to form a sturdy hook with the draw hand. You must remember to keep the back of the string hand flat and vertical. Visually, examine the draw hand position in every shot that you shot. The back of the hand should be at ease and relaxed. The bowstring should be placed closer to the first joint of the middle, index and ring finger. You must raise the bowstring back more slowly and mellow the motion. This would keep the body in a better alignment and give a stronger shot.


    5) The bow hand


    The placement of the bow hand can be eased by putting a moderate amount of weight on the string, as the bow hand is indulgent and put into position. The thumb must be edged towards the target. You must ensure that knuckles of the bow hand should be at ease and placed at a certain angle to the bow riser. 

    To hit a perfect shot in archery, pay closer attention to the right movement of the legs and hand in order to hit bow and arrow correctly. And you’re done!


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