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Perfect Compound Bow Bags

Compound bow cases are mandatory when transporting your bow from your house to the range because unguarded bows are susceptible to damage from falls. Compound bow cases from Legend are just what you need to keep your bows safe when in transit.

At Legend, our collection of durable compound bow bags is available in different designs and colors to meet your archery needs and complement your style. 

Lightweight and Durable Compound Bow Bags

The Legend bow cases are lightweight and convenient, thanks to their neoprene carry strap and padded shoulder strap. These additions improve portability and travel convenience. They are also built to last for years and are constructed from sturdy materials.

Maximum Protection

Your bows are assured maximum protection with our high-end compound bow cases. They are designed to shield your valuable archery equipment from drops, knocks, and dents with their thick extended foam padding.

Storage Capacity

Each of our compound bow cases comes with several compartments and a large front pocket for storing arrows and more archery items. These features make it easy to keep all of your compound bow accessories together.

A Wide Selection of Convenient Cases

Do you want a soft case for a compound bow or a hard compound bow case? Whatever your specifications, our bow cases will meet them. With our hard bow cases, you can take your bow on airline travel and be assured of comfort and extra protection. Our soft compound bow cases are lighter and offer more convenience while protecting your bow and all of your archery items from damage. Then there is our hybrid, a perfect blend of both 'worlds' to give you convenience, value, and the best experience.


Make yourself comfortable around here. Our bow cases are all stylish and functional; we are confident that you will find the perfect case among our stock of compound bow cases on this page to house your bow and other items.