About Us

Legend - An Authentic Archery Brand

Legend is the brainchild of our founder Benoit Lotter. The products developed by Legend stem from a few things, namely the desire to please our customers with a product that they will use for a long time because it is durable (no cheap materials), the desire to always innovate and make life easier, the desire to manufacture a product that we want to own also because it looks beautiful.

Put that together with a background in product design and manufacturing and a love for the outdoors and you got us.

These days you will find us working tirelessly towards our goal of making Legend your go-to brand of outdoor accessories.

And because we all want a brighter future, we are very careful when selecting the materials we use to manufacture our products. Legend is proud to contribute to the respect of the environment.


The Team

Benoit - CEO

Benoit stands for all the values that the company represents : archery heritage, equipment innovations and respect for the sport. Benoit studied Business Administration in Europe and lived in Asia for a many years. As the company director, he provides leadership and strategic direction.

Martha - Customers Relations

Martha holds a Masters Degree in Sales Management. She has been our Sales Manager since 2010 after gaining a vast experience in the sales field. Martha is in charge of relations with all customers and makes sure that we can serve them as well as possible. Martha is also an avid bowhunter who travels a lot to fulfil is passion.


Marc - Marketing

As Marketing Manager Marc is responsible for all corporate communications and media relations. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Communications. Previously Marc worked in various large and medium sized companies as a marketing executive and marketing manager. He has been an archer since she was 18 years old.

Wendy - Product Development

Wendy is our Purchasing & Products Development Manager and has been with the company ever since its inception. Her area of focus includes products development, procurement and inventory management. Apart from a Six Sigma Certification, Wendy is also a Certified Purchasing Manager.

Steve - Product Design

Steve studied design in London and in New York. Upon graduating Steve worked as a consultant in the golf industry. He brought his invaluable expertise to the company and is now the face behind all the innovative equipment. He is passionate about archery that he practices 5 times a week.