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Check out our new releases and let us know what you’d like! At Legend, we’re all about innovation. This means providing the best products for archery enthusiasts to enjoy and help improve their experience.

To that end, we provide new products regularly to whet the appetite of our ever-growing customer base. These products are effective across different archery fields, so feel free to check them out and let us know which will be perfect for you.

Got An Archery Need? Look Through Our New Releases And Let Us Know!

The new releases at Legend are available for archery enthusiasts interested in stepping up their game. We provide more than just bows and arrows - from cases and bowstrings to forearm supports and gloves. Our library of archery accessories is regularly updated to ensure you never lack what you need.

What Our New Releases Promise

Long-Lasting Products

Archery can be a demanding sport. Needless to say, this isn’t an activity that should be approached lightly.

Whether you’re a bowhunter or a competitive archer, there’s a high probability that you’ll be working in some pretty arduous conditions. The products we offer at Legend can easily withstand these conditions while providing you with the right support.

Efficient Storage And Organization

Archery enthusiasts who love to have multiple accessories will need effective storage and organization to ensure that they easily carry them all along when needed.

If you are going for an archery trip soon, check out some of the cases in our “new releases” tab to see which can offer the right level of storage and organization for all of your accessories. 

Safety For Your Tools

We also ensure to provide you with diverse options to help you easily cater to your most delicate archery tools.

From your bows to those dainty arrows, we offer cases and other protective gear to ensure that your tools never get damaged from excessive contact.

Step out on your next archery trip with the top-tier latest gear. With our new releases, you always have the best of the best available.