5 Awesome Olympian Experiences at the Games

Have you ever wanted to actually feel like you’re a part of the Olympic moment? Walking alongside the athletes and experience the Games from their perspective? Well, here is a small glimpse into what that is like. Social media platforms of the 2016 Rio Olympics are, more than ever before, trying to capture every moment to share with you what the Olympics are like. Here are five things you might not see through Snapchat or an Instagram filter.


1. Medal celebrations


Medals, are of course, a big reason as to why we all watch the Olympics. We want to see our favorites do well, or our home town heroes perform at their best. When they do, we see all the excitement on TV. However, there’s even more to the fun when you earn a medal for your country. Your medal is added to the total count and everyone could not be happier. The athlete, or team, will then go through many various interviews on multiple different outlets; which can also be very draining on the athlete’s mental state for the day. Athletes can get asked multiple times throughout the course of the games if they have medaled and when that answer is yes, usually everyone near them is ecstatic and wants to celebrate with you. Thus, you have quite a few parties to go to later.


2. Village life


As an athlete, you will fly into the host country with your sport’s team; archery, badminton, rugby, etc. You will then be directed towards where you will be living inside the Athlete’s village. From the view we have received of the village in Rio, athletes seem to be dispersed all over the towers. So nothing like, “USA is in building number 12”. Having that in mind, mingling between other athletes and sports is quite a unique and wonderful experience for any Olympian at the Games. Mingling with other Olympians and cheering for your team in the common rooms is an amazing time in itself and cherished for years after.


3. The Swag


That’s right. Athlete processing. Just to name a few items, athletes receive uniforms for almost any occasion they might be met with. Media clothing, competition clothing, podium clothing, lounging clothing. You name it, they have it. Most athletes who attend for their first time are told to bring only your essentials like toiletries and underwear… because they get a whole suitcase devoted to a month’s worth of wear for the Games anyway. Pretty sweet, eh? On top of this they get shoes for all occasions, a personalized Olympic Watch, sized for their Olympic Ring, and tables upon tables of signing their name on posters, and other memorabilia for USOC designated items.


4. Order of Ikkos


Any Olympian who wins a medal, of any color, has a ceremony to award the coach they select for the one that has helped them along their journey the most, basically. It is to recognize not only the athlete’s journey but the person who also dedicated the time to help another person selflessly in their pursuit for an Olympic dream. Very emotional and very cool to experience. Hands down.


5. Getting into any events you want: VIPs


Probably saving the best for last. You know those swimming tickets you just couldn’t get your hands on? Or maybe women’s beach volleyball which is known to always be sold out. Well, don’t be too sad but any athlete who wants to see an event…gets to see an event. There is always a section for athletes from other sports to come and spectate any other sport. Why? Well wouldn’t you want to cheer on your teammates as they went for the gold? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that all athletes are always in support of other athletes and their dreams. This is a great way for them to show their patriotism and root for their fellow athletes without being burdened to go buy the tickets themselves. Awesome!


So which one are you jealous of? Wish you could be a part of the action? We are pretty sure everyone does at this point. Rio does hold some hope for showing us common folk what it’s like to be at the Games through any form of social media. News stories and personal videos get blogged about every day, every minute, and every second of the games whether it’s from athletes or other spectators. So don’t fret! Sneaking a peak at your phone at work every now and then couldn’t hurt. ;)


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5 Ways to Enhance your Hunting Season - Trail Camera Edition

Everyone knows that to become a good hunter, it comes down to the preparation one puts into their season. Within this list, we will go over some of the more uncommon practices some people may not know about. Getting a leg up on that prize you have your eye on is always a good idea, so let’s get right into it!


  1. Direction: North and South

This is a simple fact of not wanting your photos overexposed or washed out during sunrise and sunset. It would really defeat the purpose if your pictures weren't visible... As well as during the winter months, the sun will be low enough that you will want to point in a more southern direction.  This is as simple as taking a compass or your smartphone with an applicable app, and getting the north/south direction absolute perfect.




  1. Number each camera with respective SD card

This might be obvious for some people to overlook but many people don’t do it. This is useful when you have to handle several cameras on one property. Memory only goes so far, so it’s important to mark out where your cameras are on GPS in coordination with each numbered camera. Making it easier to also locate them later in case you forget a few.  To easily mark them, all it takes is a permanent marker and write on either the bottom or the back of the camera body.

Now the SD card is just as important. You wouldn’t want to mix up the cards when you stick them in your pocket, return to your computer, and then learn that you have no idea which card went to which camera. Yikes!  No one wants that nightmare, so don’t rely on the time stamps the SD cards may apply.




  1. Inactive Stands

If you tend to have multiple stands over your properties, you can always try placing one on each inactive stands you haven’t used in a while. This will allow you to discover a animals in your area that you didn’t even know was lurking there! Then work your magic by trailing them and placing cameras in possible routes they might be taking. Then get in your stand at what you have recorded as the best time and get to work!




  1. Time Lapse and Trail cameras together

This is one that helps you discover movement over a broader area. You will want to set up your time lapse cameras to cover areas like fields, food plots, and other known travelling paths. If you can though, set them to take pictures every 10-20 seconds over the first and last few hours of daylight. Sometimes you won’t capture a whole lot doing this method, but your camera will thank you in the extra energy saver it creates; lasting for weeks rather than mere days.  After scouting for a few weeks, you can view the photos and determine the exact routes your prey are using. Then, set up a regular trail cameras to get images of specific hunts you are really trying to nab.




  1. Rainy days are useful

Now, what is nice about rain is it eliminates human scent naturally and effectively. This means that the entire area that you cover while marching all over your property to check on your cameras will hide your scent for free. Thank you Mother Nature!  Also, when rain washes away fresh scents from the air, it also makes new scents easier for animals to detect. So pay attention to the wind direction while you are out and about. You will still want to wear rubber boots and using odor elimination spray of course, but rain will help make your job a lot easier.




Did you find these five helpful? Let us know in the comments section below, and feel free to post your own helpful hints! 

5 Wonderful Reasons to Share Archery with Your Dad



Father's Day is a special moment for all the archery families out there. It is a day we celebrate what we share with the man who has always been there for us. Teaching us right from wrong, what the love of shooting our first arrow is like, and how to shoot for the stars and dream of what we can achieve.  Thank you to dads everywhere.


  1. Learning Life Lessons

There are times in life where parents get chances to really teach their children what they want them to learn in life. Archery provides some of those lessons between a child and father. To keep striving for your best, to never give up, and that your father is there to guide you every step of the way. He will be there to teach you how to shoot your first arrow, to climb that tree stand even though you’re afraid of heights, and even being there for your first deer in that “great circle of life” talk. Dads are the best at teaching us about life.



  1. Memories

The times we share with our dads are priceless. From the time we shot our first arrows, maybe totally missing, to our big moments winning championship titles. Your first hunting stalk together, or week long camping trips together. So remember, whether its memories with your children or memories with your own father, make them count.



  1. Sharing Lingo

Let’s face it, archery has its own language. Talking shop with your dad can be an awesome time. Especially in the middle of a store, restaurant, driving, hunting blind, and everywhere in between. You can finish each other’s sentences, have ideas for what might work for each other’s bow setups, or insist that this scope has more clarity than the other.



  1. Friendly Competition

Not everyone can say that they are striving for greatness with their archery hobby. But in a way, a dad can offer a sense of competitive love and encouragement. So if you ever find yourself wanting to achieve more, you can always ask your father to help you. They will have a kind and teasing way of doing it too. Perhaps making bets with ice cream for the winner as well as exchanging chores for the loser. All as a fun way to encourage and always strive for your best.



  1. Unending Support

Dads are always in our corner of the ring for any occasion. Whether you are his proud son or beautiful daughter, a father will always be there to support you. You have dreams of making hunting videos, do it. You have a dream to make it to the Olympic Games, go for it. Dad will always have your back and encourage you to push yourself further than you would have ever imagined.




Dads, we really appreciate all that you have done for us over our lives with you. Thank you for the time to teach us to love archery. We love that we can share it with you too!


5 Great Archery Inspired Cakes for Any Occasion


We know that a lot of special occasions are on the rise during this time of the year, so let us help with some archery inspired cakes for nearly every occasion. Here are our top 5 picks for awesome archery cakes that everyone can enjoy!


  1. Brave

For young girls all around the world of all ages, Disney tends to have a way with inspiring them all. This cake doesn’t do anything less than that for young female archers. The connection between a parent and their child, especially when you share something as special as archery with one another. Do you have a daughter who just loves to shoot? Then this is the perfect birthday cake. It also sets up a great theme for the party!



  1. Hunting/Camping Cake

This camping cake is perfect for any outdoors adventurist. Complete with animals and Mother Nature herself, anyone would be excited to get out in the woods and feel like you’re really there. Delicious and all of the pieces are edible….except maybe the animals. But then again, the real ones taste better anyway.




  1. Engagement Cakes

They symbolize what brought together the happy couple. In this case, clearly it was archery that captured their hearts. Also complete with a cat….we can’t seem to figure out why cats and archery are linked so often but it is awesome none the less!  The leaves look so perfect that you don’t even want to touch this wonderful looking stump.




  1. Hunger Games

Yes, we said it. It may be a little overdone but anything with a bow, fire, and a willingness to fight the odds is enough for anyone to celebrate with cake! Katniss could have served this to her fellow district fighters and would have won so much faster. Everyone needs some fighting spirit cake! Great for sports teams!





  1. Archery cupcakes

Who says you need a full on cake to enjoy the awesomeness of a baked good?! You can then fight over your favorites, whether it be one with a bow or one with arrows in it. Either way, everyone gets their own personal fun-sized mini cake!  Since they are smaller, you might have to go back for a second….third…maybe fourth.



We can’t wait to try these and hopefully you do to. Whether it is a DIY project to do with the family or order one for a special occasion, archery themed pastries are the coolest thing ever! Feel free to comment below on your favorites! 

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5 Essential Life Skills Archery Teaches Us


Archery is so much more than bows and arrows. It is what helps us get through our day. From being able to accomplish a goal, strive for that perfect group, or finally getting that prized trophy you’ve been looking forward to all season. Life teaches us quite a lot, but it is archery that helps give direction in our lives. Here are five life skills that you may, or may not, have realized your favorite sport gives you to succeed in life.


  1. Determination



It might sound cheesy but it’s true. Many archers find themselves striving for that one last shot at perfection before going home each day. We develop this passion over time for the sport and it becomes so ingrained that it spills into other areas of our lives; in school, finding a job, proposing a plan, coaching a team, and so on. As it is with archery, you want to strive for excellence in all that you do. Applying that determination to multiple aspects of one’s life can greatly increase the chance for success.


  1. Time management


Simple, yet very necessary for today’s fast paced world. As with a lot of sports, you understand that your practice time is precious. You want to spend it wisely and have enough time for it. So what does that lead to? Making sure everything else in your life is, to a degree, planned out. You can only get better at archery through practice, but this is also true for other things in life. Like planning a speech for a class, or getting a presentation ready for work. All having to deal with time management. Who knew archery could be so helpful, right?


  1. Problem solving skills


Remember that time when you had to spend a few hours re-tuning your bow? Or maybe even figuring out how to get your bow working after travelling to a tournament and TSA seemed to break an important piece of your equipment?  You had to think your way around the problem. Tinkering, if you will, with the possibilities of what could work or not work. The same is applied to other areas in life. Since archery has very specific problems that are associated with it, one can make even the most difficult of problems become easier with “out of the box” thinking from having to deal with archery problems. 


  1. Patience


Some of you might be thinking, “well I certainly am not as patient with shooting a bow as some people.” And I will agree with you. It’s ok to not have the greatest patience in the world. No one is perfect. But that is exactly what is happening when you practice archery. Everyone learns that they are not perfect. Some might take a little longer than others to figure out this revelation, but nevertheless it happens. After which, a new change starts to emerge. Patience brings about the willingness to improve, ask questions, trust, and wanting to help others succeed too. As much as people would not like to admit it, this is the key to help others become aware of… others. To help think about, and care, what others are doing in life. To live is to share in the struggles and triumphs with one another.  One of the biggest attributes to being a part of this world. That’s right, we got pretty deep there. But it’s true.


  1. Attention to detail/multitasking


Lastly, archery brings us the ability to look at the details. Since there are so many thoughts going on in our minds at the peak of the shot process, this is something that can’t be overlooked. Not many sports or activities can provide the same amount of information flow and detail orientation that archery can. You can have 10 things going on at once inside your head and they all have to do with the one action that you are about to take. Shooting an arrow.  This can lead to us being able to multitask in several different environments. Some people have to make a checklist for the day’s duties. However, sometimes your archery brain can take over and give you a sense of direction for the day without having the need to write it down. It’s like having a brand new super power!


So whichever your case may be, let it be known that archery can have a seriously helpful influence in your average day to day activities. Strive for perfection, but also know that archery is fun too. So no matter what bow you are shooting, remember that you are ingraining new skills for all parts of life.

Best Practices You Must Follow in Order to Ensure Your Safety in Archery


Safety is the most crucial element that should be looked at while practicing a sport and Archery is no exception. You never know when the arrow hits you and it will be too late for an archer to apologize. To ensure safety, the archer must be very careful, where they are hitting and at which direction they are targeting the bow and arrow. Most importantly, they must be careful and check before targeting if somebody is crossing by their lane.


1) Age group

Keeping the safety factors in mind, children below the age group of 16 must be escorted by an adult. Young children or amateurs may get injured, by running here and there, by not watching out, where the archer is targeting.


2) No Alcohol

Alcohol is strictly banned for all age groups as it is the main source of damage and could lead to a major injury by an archer, not being at his/her mental state.


3) Archer must be attentive

An archer must be attentive enough while shooting the target and should be aware of the direction of his bow and arrow. They must be aware where they are shooting and not end up shooting on other lanes or distracting other archers. Fights and quarrels should be avoided at all costs especially when the archer is practicing. It would cause a lot of damage to them and they will be banned from entering the premises.


4) Archery range work force

Archery range authority has been giving instructions to deny service to anyone who goes against any rule made by the organisation. As for any damage that occurs on the field, the workforce will be held responsible for letting the damage happen to the injured person. Further, archer won’t be allowed to practice again on that range.


5) Listen to the instructions carefully

Before starting archery, there is always an instructor, who is instructing archers of what to do and what not in order to avoid any injuries and for safe play. If an archer is intelligent enough, he or she must be attentive so that they can enjoy the game comfortably without injuring themselves.


6) While pulling arrows

While pulling the arrows out of the target stand on one side and before pulling it ensure that nobody is standing directly at the back. Also, make sure, you don't target arrow towards the sky, as you never know, towards which direction will it fall & it may end up hurting somebody.


Keep these factors in mind in order to ensure that you are safe in Archery. It might sound like a simple game of bow and arrow, but you never know what happens next. Archery undoubtedly is one of the safe games, and by following these best practices you can boost your safety manifold.

Factors That You Must Consider When Buying a Bow

Buying a bow and arrow is no child’s play. You need to have proper info about the concerned aspects before making the right choice in order to excel in Archery.

A few points that you need to consider when buying a bow include:

  • The size of the bow: how big or small should it be?
  • How do you shoot? Whether, you shoot with your right or left hand?
  • The draw-length
  • The draw-weight: Assuming that beginners generally choose to go for recurve bows, for a lady 24 to 28 lb is suggested as a suitable draw weight. However, for men archers, recurve bow weight of 28 to 32lb is highly recommended. 

How to Select a Proper Bow?

Selecting a bow of a bearable weight is recommended in Archery, as mentioned above. A comfortable bow will allow you to shoot at the target comfortably and at a good distance. It will also allow you to sustain a good posture, which is also known as a Form.


On the other hand, selecting a very heavy bow can lead to ruining your body structure. Since you would get involved in intense training sessions, wrong bow weight can interfere with your health, making the circumstances difficult.


Many bows come with flexible weight. In such bows, the draw weight can be adjusted upwards from the rated weight by about 10%. And therefore, 30 pounds at limbs can be tailored to around 32 pounds.  You may need to purchase a new set of limbs if you decide upon increasing your draw weight, even when you are playing with tailored limbs. Also, keep in mind, the weight mentioned above are the weights, to be carried on your fingers at full draw. The actual weight is dependent upon, how far you're able to draw the bow.


Bows and arrows are said to be measured with AMO requirements and are related to the weight of the draw. The draw weight recommended for the beginners bow, used with the suggested aluminum arrow would just permit the person to shoot 80 yards or for that matter, for a lady to shoot about 60 yards.


It's recommended, that the bow size should be chosen as per the user's draw length, but on the other hand, the draw length is largely dependent on the height of the person as well. And thus, you can achieve a particular bow length by trying out the different combinations of limbs and handle. You can choose to have a smoother draw sensation by going for longer limbs and shorter handle. But this will then interfere with the arrow’s speed. Similarly, the longer handle and shorter limbs would provide you with faster speed.


Consult with your coach properly before you pick up the bow and arrow for archery. Bow and arrow are the basic equipment of the game, and it is very necessary that you choose them properly.

Exploring Turkeys and How to Aim Properly at Them

Is wild turkey your forte? Well, look no further. From this video, we will point out some of the most crucial parts of how to take aim and size up a turkey. See how you compare to what the pros are doing and how you can up your game for your next hunt!


  1. Anatomy can be misleading

Strutting and puffing up can lead to some problems when trying to pick the right spot to aim. Just remember, “you will want to aim high, staying away from back feather and chest feathers.” As those are the two areas that tend to make the bird appear larger than he actually is. They do a really great job of giving some video play by play of this so you can really understand where and how to aim!



  1. Bird facing away from you

Now, from someone who personally likes to deer hunt, this wouldn’t have been my first choice to take a shot from. But giving it a chance, it turns out to be very viable. According to the video, since the turkey’s lungs are pushed up against its spine, you can go ahead and aim within the area of the turkey’s spine. About four inches to each side is roughly the area you have horizontally. One good shot into the chest cavity and you’ve got yourself a great bird. The shot will easily snap its spine if it’s hit and cause the turkey to go down.



  1. The Classic Headshot

We all want to say we have taken the head shot before. You really have to be confident with making this shot however. One quick turn of its head, and you could end up missing. In the video, they remind us that the head is no bigger than the vitals that you are usually aiming at anyway. So in all fairness, you still have as good a chance to hit it if you’re confident in your skills for its vitals area.



The video can be watched here. It is well put together and can follow along very easily. I hope you all have good dreams of your next wild turkey hunt!

Why You Should Get Your Kids Started In Archery?


Archery is a great game for kids. Archery teaches kids to be alert, position right and help them realize the importance of safety. If you too are making up your mind to involve your kids in this great sport, we highly recommend you to buy a bow and arrow for them today. Here is why!


Teaches them to stay disciplined

Beginners are usually told to respond to the command of the whistle. Children are trained to move to the shooting stage, after the second whistle. Usually in a smaller age group, children are allocated into groups depending on the number they are so that the sport is more enjoyable. This allows them to shoot individually and with proper safety.


Teaches them to be systematic and organized

Kids are made to stand in the waiting line, as each step of the shooting is provoked by a command given by the instructor. After each archer has shot their bow and arrows on the target and the range is clear, archers must keep their equipment aside. There are three whistles blown to give the command to archers. The first indicates the shooting can begin in a sequence of steps. The second is to signal them to proceed to the shooting line and the third as mentioned above permits archer to keep their equipment aside. After the third whistle is blown, the archer is supposed to automatically move to the target line and score his arrows.


Teaches them the importance of correct position

Right-hand archer is supposed to hold the bow, with the left hand. So, with the left side towards the target, the child is made to stand at the right angle to the target. Child must keep the tips of the toes against an imaginary line pointing towards the center of the target. The child is made to stand straight with shoulders down. This is done to help them balance their body weight so that the shoulders are directly towards the target. 


One of the safe sports

Archery is considered as an important sport for children as it teaches them how unsafe habits can injure themselves and provides them knowledge on how important safety is. On the other hand, it is proven that Target Archery is one of the safest sports for children because the strictness involved teaches the children to be safe while enjoying the game.

For that matter of fact, even for parents when they make their children join this sport, and they watch an Archery class being conducted, they themselves feel safe in making their children join. Archery teaches a skill which is safe for kids, even to practice every day. It is considered as a safe sport. The range or the field where it is played has been designed, keeping the safety in mind, which is most beneficial for children. 

However, before enrolling your kid into one of the archery courses, make sure that the kids are being trained under the effective supervision of trained and qualified teachers. Further, teachers/instructors should be vigilant enough to monitor each student individually and provide individual feedback to them.

Buy for your kids a right set of bow and arrows and get them started!


How to Avoid Archery Overtraining Injuries

Archery is one of the safest sports around. However, overtraining injuries can at times prove to be a spoiler. This is why you need to check out the 4 ways listed down below, that will help you prevent archery overtraining injuries.

  • Get the right equipment

Bow and arrows are the essential equipment you need to get started with Archery. But, it is not just about picking a random archery bow and arrows. Beginners need to be more careful and aware, as holding the wrong equipment could land them into trouble. For example, when you are choosing a bow, you need to find one, whose weight is suitable for your body, so that you're able to hit at least 20 shots in a row while you are practicing. The reason is, if your bow is too heavy, then you are bound to face issues drawing it, which if continued, is bound to lead to a serious injury.

  • Limber up

 It is highly recommended to perform some short warming up workouts, before going for a full-fledged practice session using your bow and arrows. It is very important to understand the concept of warm-up. If you don’t warm-up prior to the game, then your muscles are by default cold and by suddenly putting them through vigorous conditions, you will attract injuries to your spine, shoulder joint, back, etc. Here finding a regime which includes some stretching is sure to help you, as it loosens the muscles and prepares them for the practice session. Moreover, a good sportsperson is the one, who knows when to take a break, as cooling down is equally important. Therefore, take breaks in between your practice session.

  • Spice it up with cross training

 It goes without saying; archery is a sport, which focus much more on our upper body. But in order to stay healthy and perform well, you need to take care of every muscle in your body. Therefore, you need to find different training routines to make sure that every part of your body is in good shape. This is the reason why you should incorporate exercises like swimming, running, yoga as well as a few cardio exercises to prevent injuries to the less used muscles and keep the whole body in good health & shape.

  • Be Easy

The most important element is to go easy with yourself. People often suffer from archery injuries because of their own action. This is something which is more common for beginners, who might unknowingly push themselves too far. You need to know the strength and capabilities of your own body, know how much you are capable of pushing yourself. Learning the proper technique is key to physical strength. Moreover, if you are not applying the right technique and are putting unnecessary pressure on your body, then you are sure to get serious injuries.

Feel confident and give the most out of your bow and arrows, but make sure you’re not hurting yourself in this process.

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