5 Easy Steps to Determine the Dominant Eye You've Got!

March 21, 2016

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Many of the people wouldn't even be aware themselves that they have a visual preference towards one eye over the other. This is usually known to be eye dominance. Before you get to select a compound bow or a recurve bow, it is very much essential for you to know which of the eye is more dominant.

Yes, dominance could either be strong or weak, but has got no connection with dominance of hands. For instance, you could be having dominance for left eye, whereas you would be right handed. Studies depict that over two thirds of Archers have dominance for the right eye. One third of the people are having dominance for left eye, whereas only a few people have dominance for neither of them.

Five Simple Steps through Which You Can Know the Eye of Dominance

1) Go to a place wherein you can view an object which is kept about ten to twenty feet away.

2) Clench your hands together and form a circle between the hands with a diameter of about one inch and extend those hands to your arm's length.

3) With both your eyes open, use the circle to frame that object visually.

4) While you are ensuring that you have kept the object framed, pull back your hands slowly towards your face.

5) Your hands would very much naturally draw towards the eye of dominance.

In very rare cases, the fresh archers wouldn't have an eye of dominance. When this occurs, it is best advised to use the hand of dominance to draw your bow for archery.

Martin Douglas
Martin Douglas