Bow Limb Pocket

Limb pockets are a crucial part of modern recurve and compound bows. They are the connection points where the limbs of the bow attach to the riser. Limb pockets are designed to provide a secure attachment point for the limbs, as well as allow for quick and easy limb changes when necessary.

Types of Bow Limb Pockets

Bolt-On Limb Pockets

Bolt-on limb pockets are the most common type of limb pocket found on most recurve and compound bows. As the name suggests, they attach to the riser with bolts or screws. Bolt-on limb pockets are usually adjustable, which allows for small tweaks to the bow's performance. The adjustment mechanism can vary, with some limb pockets having a screw or bolt that can be tightened or loosened to adjust the limb angle, while others have a rotating pocket that can be turned to adjust the angle. Bolt-on limb pockets are typically less expensive than dovetail limb pockets.

Dovetail Limb Pockets

Dovetail limb pockets are less common but are found on some high-end recurve bows. They attach to the riser with a dovetail joint, which provides an extremely secure and precise fit. Dovetail limb pockets do not have any adjustment mechanism, but they provide a more consistent shot than bolt-on limb pockets. Dovetail limb pockets are typically more expensive than bolt-on limb pockets.

Materials Used for Bow Limb Pockets


Aluminum is a commonly used material for limb pockets because it is lightweight and durable. It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other materials.


Magnesium is another lightweight and durable material that is used for limb pockets. It is more expensive than aluminum but can provide additional benefits in terms of strength and stability.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is a high-end material used for limb pockets in some bows. It is incredibly lightweight and strong, making it ideal for high-performance bows. Carbon fiber is also expensive, which is why it is only found on high-end bows.

Importance of Bow Limb Pockets

Limb pockets are essential for the bow's overall performance. They play a critical role in the bow's stability, accuracy, and strength. Poorly designed or cheaply made limb pockets can cause the bow to vibrate excessively, leading to decreased accuracy and discomfort while shooting. High-quality limb pockets can help reduce vibration and provide a more stable shooting platform.

Vibration Reduction

Limb pockets that are designed to reduce vibration can significantly improve the shooting experience. The vibration from the bow can cause discomfort, affect accuracy, and even cause damage to the bow over time. High-quality limb pockets that are designed to absorb or reduce vibration can help make shooting more comfortable and improve accuracy.

Strength and Stability

The strength and stability of the limb pockets are critical for the bow's overall performance. If the limb pockets are not strong enough or do not provide a stable attachment point for the limbs, the bow can become unpredictable, affecting accuracy and potentially causing damage to the bow over time. High-quality limb pockets that are designed to provide a stable attachment point and are made from durable materials can significantly improve the bow's overall performance.