Legend Outdoor Labor Day Photo Contest


CArchery Photo Contest


What is your plan for the Labor day long weekend? Will you practice archery? Or go for a hunting trip? Join us in celebrating Labor Day.

This #LaborDay @legendoutdoor is having a #LaborDayPhotoContest

Take your archery into your outdoor adventure and show us your shooting skills!

Take your LEGEND products with you and share with us your pictures before 12midnight Sept 8 2021 EST.

Make sure you read the criteria and follow the mechanics below!

Goodluck Archers!



Contest Guidelines:

Topic: Archery Outdoors

Post type:  Photo (videos, slideshows, GIF are not allowed)



  1. Post your photo entry before 12midnight Sept 8 2021 EST. 
  2. Make sure that your post features any Legend Outdoor Products.
  3. Resolution: HD 1080p (1920×1080
  4. Follow us @legendoutdoor on IG 
  5. Tag us @legendoutdoor in your post and send us a message with your email address.
  6. Include the official hashtags: 
    #legendoutdoor #legendarchery #archery #archeryoutdoors #archerygear



20% Overall Impression–  We will measure impact by the number of likes
30% Technical Requirement - Follow the basic mechanics and file requirement
50% Expression of Theme - How the contestant was able to convey their idea, message or thought in an original and imaginative way through their photo and caption.