Kiss Button

A kiss button is a small device or accessory that attaches to the bowstring of an archery bow. It is typically made of a soft material like rubber or silicone and has a small, flat surface that touches the archer's face when they draw the bowstring back. The kiss button serves as a reference point for the archer, indicating when they have reached the correct anchor point and are ready to release the arrow.

How Does a Kiss Button Work?

When an archer draws the bow string back, they typically anchor their hand and bowstring to a consistent point on their face, such as the corner of their mouth or chin. The kiss button provides an additional reference point for the archer to ensure they are consistently hitting that anchor point. When the archer reaches their anchor point, the kiss button "kisses" their face, indicating that they are in the correct position to release the arrow.

Why Do Archers Use Kiss Buttons?


One of the main reasons archers use kiss buttons is to achieve consistency in their shots. In archery, small variations in technique can have a big impact on where the arrow lands on the target. For example, if an archer's anchor point is slightly off, the arrow may go high or low, left or right. The kiss button helps archers achieve a consistent anchor point, which leads to more consistent shots. By providing an additional reference point, the kiss button helps archers avoid the common problem of "creeping," where the archer gradually moves their anchor point during the draw, resulting in inconsistent shots.

Facial Hair and Glasses

Another reason archers use kiss buttons is to overcome issues related to facial hair and glasses. Archers who wear glasses may find that the frames interfere with their anchor point, while archers with facial hair may find that it changes over time, making it difficult to achieve consistency. The kiss button provides a reliable point of contact regardless of facial hair or glasses.

Training and Learning

Kiss buttons can also be helpful for archers who are still learning and training. When an archer is first starting out, it can be difficult to know where their anchor point should be. The kiss button provides a clear reference point, making it easier for the archer to learn and develop a consistent technique.


Finally, kiss buttons can be particularly useful in competition settings, where the pressure is high, and every shot counts. By using a kiss button, archers can be confident that they are hitting their anchor point consistently, which can lead to more accurate shots and better scores.

How to Install a Kiss Button

Installing a kiss button is a simple process that can be done with just a few tools. First, the archer should determine their preferred anchor point and mark it with a small dot or other markers. Then, they should attach the kiss button to the bowstring, typically using a small clamp or clip. The kiss button should be positioned so that it lines up with the archer's anchor point. Finally, the archer should test the kiss button by drawing the bowstring back to their anchor point and ensuring that the kiss button makes contact with their face.