Flight Shooting 

Flight shooting is a unique discipline in archery that involves shooting arrows as far as possible in a horizontal direction. Unlike other forms of archery, where accuracy and precision are prioritized, flight shooting focuses solely on achieving the longest possible distance.

History of Flight Shooting

The history of flight shooting dates back to the 16th century in England, where archers would compete to see who could shoot an arrow the furthest. It was later revived in the mid-19th century and became popular as a competitive sport in the early 20th century. Flight shooting has since become a respected discipline in archery, with many competitions and events held around the world.

Equipment for Flight Shooting

To achieve maximum distance in flight shooting, archers use specialized equipment that is designed specifically for this discipline.


The bow used in flight shooting is typically made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. The bow is designed to be longer than a traditional bow, with a longer draw length and a higher draw weight. This allows the archer to generate more power and launch the arrow further. The bow may also have a higher brace height to reduce the string angle and increase efficiency.


The arrows used in flight shooting are also specialized for maximum distance. They are typically made of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum, and have a smaller diameter than traditional arrows. This reduces wind resistance and allows the arrow to travel further. The arrows may also have specialized components such as low-profile fletchings to reduce drag.


To achieve maximum performance, flight shooting equipment is highly tuned and may include specialized accessories such as a bowstring with low stretch, a release aid, and stabilizers. The bowstring with low stretch reduces energy loss and increases power transfer to the arrow. The release aid allows for a more consistent release, which improves accuracy. Stabilizers help to reduce vibration and improve balance, which increases accuracy and consistency.

Technique for Flight Shooting

In flight shooting, technique is critical to achieving maximum power and distance. The archer must have good form and technique to ensure that they are able to generate maximum power and accuracy. This includes a proper stance, grip, draw, and release. The archer must also have a deep understanding of the physics of arrow flight, including factors such as wind resistance and arrow spin, and be able to adjust their technique accordingly.

Competition for Flight Shooting 

In flight shooting competitions, archers shoot a set number of arrows, typically six, and the distance each arrow travels is measured. The archer with the longest combined distance wins the competition. In addition to the standard flight shooting competition, there are also variations, such as precision flight shooting, which focuses on accuracy rather than distance. In precision flight shooting, archers must shoot their arrows as close as possible to a predetermined target rather than shooting for maximum distance.