Dead Shaft Arrow

A dead shaft is an arrow that is made from a stiff material and does not flex or bend when shot from a bow. This is in contrast to a live or flexible shaft, which will bend as it is propelled by the bowstring and the force of the bow. Dead shafts are typically made of materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber.

Advantages of Dead Shaft Arrows


One of the main advantages of dead shafts is their consistency. Because they do not flex, they follow a straighter path and are less affected by external factors such as wind. This makes them a popular choice for target archers who value precision and accuracy over speed.


Dead shafts also tend to be more durable than live shafts, as they are less prone to bending or breaking. This is because the stiff material used to make dead shafts is better able to resist the stresses of shooting and impacts.

Less Noise and Vibration

Dead shafts can also be quieter and produce less vibration than live shafts. This is because the lack of flex reduces the amount of energy that is transferred to the bow and the archer's hand upon release.

Disadvantages of Dead Shaft Arrows

Less Speed and Penetration

The main disadvantage of dead shafts is their lack of speed. Because they do not flex, they cannot store as much energy as a live shaft, which means they are slower and do not have as much penetrating power. This can make them a poor choice for hunting, where speed and penetrating power are often more important than precision and accuracy.

Less Forgiving

Dead shafts can also be less forgiving than live shafts when it comes to shooting form and technique. Because they do not flex, they require a higher level of skill and consistency to shoot accurately.

Choosing Between Dead and Live Shaft Arrows

When choosing between dead and live shafts, it is important to consider the type of archery you will be doing and your personal preferences. Here are some factors to consider:

Shooting Style

If you prefer a more forgiving shooting style or are a beginner, live shafts may be a better choice as they can be easier to shoot accurately. However, if you are an experienced archer or value consistency over forgiveness, dead shafts may be the better choice.


If you plan to hunt with your bow, a live shaft may be a better option, as it will have more speed and penetrating power. However, if you primarily shoot targets and value precision and consistency, a dead shaft may be the better choice.


Dead shafts tend to be more expensive than live shafts due to their construction and materials. If budget is a concern, live shafts may be a more affordable option.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the decision between dead and live shafts may come down to personal preference. Some archers simply prefer the feel and performance of one type of arrow over the other.