Compound Bow

Compound bows are one of the most popular types of bows on the market today due to their relative ease of shooting. Unlike the traditional bows, a compound bow uses a levering system consisting of pulleys and cables to bend the limbs of the bow. These pulleys make shooting a compound bow easier by reducing the resistance of the bowstring. It is also the most energy efficient bow of all as it doesn’t require much energy on the part of the archer to pull the draw string.

Compound bows offer better let-offs than any other bows, making it easier for the archer to draw the bow as far back as possible and take time to aim at the target. When a compound bow is drawn, the limbs are pulled inward, towards each other. This minimizes the recoil and vibration felt by the archer when the arrow is released. Unlike the recurve or longbow, compound bows are not made of natural materials, which make them more resistant to temperature and humidity changes. This resistance enables the bow to perform with superior accuracy, velocity, and distance.

Compound bows are well suited for all types of shooting, whether hunting, competing or target practicing.A compound bow can be the best choice for beginning archers since it is much easier to use and the skills of aiming and gauging distance can be improved more quickly.