Climbing Tree Stands

If you are a serious hunter, a portable climbing tree stand can offer you a great advantage over your target due to their high mobility and stability. When hunting, archers need to be quiet and find a suitable place to stand and take aim at the target. Climbing tree stands offer archers the freedom to change their stand location anytime they want taking advantage of the movement of prey during the course of a day. They can be carried around easily, making them much more practical than permanent stands.


If you want to hunt on public land and don’t want to leave your permanent stand there where it may be damage or stolen, then a climbing tree stand is the right choice. You can easily set it up and climb up the tree securely. Moreover, they don’t make much noise while you move around carrying them or while setting them up. This allows you to stealthily follow your target from the treetops and hunt while you are up there positioned securely. You can choose from a sit-down climber and a stand-up climber according to your needs and preferences.


Climbing tree stands are completely safe and come with different styles of straps for connecting to the tree. The wrap can be fastened using a thick cable or boomerang shaped piece of metal. They also have adjustable bolts or pins to help you set it up according to different tree sizes.