Camo Clothing

Camo clothing provides the perfect camouflage while you are hunting in the wild. Such clothing is specifically designed for hunting purposes where archers can shoot at targets without being easily seen. Camo clothing includes shirts, pants, T-shirts, coveralls, coats, gloves, face masks and much more. They are lightweight so you can hunt freely without getting bogged down with bulky, heavy material that interferes with your mobility and flexibility. Scent- control Camo clothes absorb odors to help you get closer to your target without it catching your scent.


Since camouflaging means that you remain unnoticeable by your target, it’s important to choose camo patterns that reflect the surroundings where you are hunting. Camo gear enhances your shooting performance by offering you cover while you are targeting your prey.


Legend Archery carries an extensive selection of all types of camo clothing for men and women in all sizes and patterns. Check our online descriptions and prices for all the camo clothing and gear to make your hunting trips even more successful.