Bow String Silencer

Whether you are using a compound bow, recurve bow or a longbow, having a string silencer is important for every archer. Even if you don’t hunt, a bow silencer is necessary to reduce the vibration and noise that is caused due to prolonged use of the bow. In general, bow strings work silently. But, over a period of use, your bow will develop a vibration noise that is caused by the energy left behind, after the arrow has been released. The intensity of the noise can vary greatly from a dull buzzing to a high whistle sound, depending on the amount of energy that is left behind.


Using a bow string silencer can reduce vibration and dampen the string and cable noise. For regular archers, the noise may not pose any harm but it can be a little annoying and distracting sometimes. For serious hunters, string vibrations can pose a problem during the hunt since the noise may alert the prey of your presence.


If you want to improve your archery performance and enhance hunting skills, a bow string silencer can help you achieve the best results. You can choose from a wide variety of string silencers made from both natural materials such as beaver fur, fleece and wool yarn as well as synthetic.