Arrow Rest

One of the most important pieces of equipment for an archer is the arrow rest, a device attached to the bow that supports the arrow and helps guide it onto the bowstring as the archer draws the bow. The purpose of the arrow rest is to provide stability and accuracy to the arrow as it is released from the bow.

Why is an Arrow Rest Important?

An arrow rest is an essential part of an archery setup because it plays a key role in the accuracy and stability of the arrow as it is shot. Without an arrow rest, the arrow could wobble or move as it is released from the bow, causing the shot to be inaccurate. A good arrow rest helps keep the arrow aligned and steady, which can improve the archer's accuracy and consistency. 

Types of Arrow Rests

Several types of arrow rests are available, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some of the most popular types of arrow rest include:

Drop-away rest

A drop-away rest is a popular type of arrow rest designed to drop down as the archer draws the bow, clearing the way for the arrow to be released. This type of arrow rest is a great choice for hunters or target archers who want to reduce the chance of the arrow coming into contact with the rest and causing a deflection. Additionally, drop-away rests are often quieter than other types of arrow rests, which can be an advantage for hunters who want to avoid alerting their game. 

Whisker biscuit

A whisker biscuit is a circular arrow rest that uses small, flexible "whiskers" to hold the arrow in place until it is released. This type of arrow rest is a good choice for beginner archers or those who want a simple and reliable arrow rest that is easy to use. Whisker biscuits are also a popular choice for hunters who need to make quick shots, as they are simple to use and do not require any adjustments. 

Shoot-through rest

A shoot-through rest is a type of arrow rest that allows the arrow to pass through it, providing support for the arrow without obstructing its flight path. This type of arrow rest is a great choice for target archers who want maximum accuracy and stability, as it provides support for the arrow without adding any additional drag or resistance that could affect the arrow's flight. 

Capture rest

A capture rest holds the arrow in place with a set of arms or prongs, providing stability and support until the archer releases the arrow. This type of arrow rest is a good choice for those who want to have a consistent and repeatable shot, as it helps keep the arrow in the same position every time. Capture rests are also a popular choice for those who shoot in windy conditions, as they help keep the arrow steady.

Choosing the Right Arrow Rest

The choice of arrow rest depends on the individual archer's preferences and needs, as well as the type of shooting being done. For example, hunters may prefer a drop-away rest for added stability and accuracy, while target archers may prefer a shoot-through rest for reduced drag and increased accuracy. Additionally, some archers may prefer a specific type of arrow rest based on the type of bow they are using. For example, some bow models may require a specific type of arrow rest in order to function properly.

It is also important to consider the adjustable features of the arrow rest. Some arrow rests can be adjusted for different arrow lengths, weights, and fletching styles, which can be an important factor for archers who shoot different types of arrows.