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XT Armguard - Forearm Protector




Inexperienced archers might have run into the problem of bowstring slapping. Hopefully you never had that experience since it’s one you’d remember forever – ouch! Regardless if you’ve had problems with this, you probably understand the importance of an arm guard. Brace yourselves; this kind of accessory will protect your arm from injury. Besides, don’t you want to be armed, not have an injured arm, right?

For your ultimate convenience, this Neo Guard comes in four different sizes so everyone can get a good fit. Each size is adjustable for a more custom fit as well. Made with neoprene and lycra fabric so it is stretchy, comfortable and durable. The rubberized logo gives you added protection against your bowstring, which is always a good thing. It has a low profile black design with white accents which is quite simple, yet pleasing to the eye.