These 5 Simple Tips Will Help You Improve Your Accuracy

These 5 Simple Tips Will Help You Improve Your Accuracy

Achieving accuracy and precision are the main goals of every archer, and this forms the basis behind the long hours and effort put into practice. For target archers, more accurate shots mean higher scores, while for bowhunters, it means better chances of successfully hitting the bullseye when hunting down a game. 

But being a skilled archer is not just about the quantifiable criteria. As you progress in your archery journey, you’ll find that sometimes, focusing on the very basics is the best foundation to consistently delivering precise shots - and this applies to archery and bowhunting skills alike. If you start with a solid footing on the basics, you can easily work your way up to enhancing the more complex know-how in order to polish your skills.

If you’re looking to improve your accuracy as an archer, read on to learn simple tips that can help sharpen your shooting skills, hence improving your shot accuracy and precision.

5 Tips To Improve Archery Accuracy

From your archery gear to how you perform each shot and your mental headspace, there is a long list of things to focus on to consistently deliver accurate shots. Below are our top tips to sharpen your skills and watch your shooting accuracy improve in no time.

Be Consistent With Your Preshot Routine

Consistency is key when it comes to archery. Performing your shot the exact same way each time you shoot will help you achieve incredibly tight groupings, making you a better archer. Hence, you should aim to have the same routine each time you shoot.

With practice, you’ll come to discover a comfortable preshot routine that works for you. From prepping yourself up for a game, inspecting your equipment, perfecting your stance, and applying mental focus, discovering a consistent routine that yields accurate shots for you is worth sticking to. Routines as simple as breathing, posture, or internal focus that help your mind and body as you aim can make a whole world of difference when you release that arrow. 

By developing a consistent routine, you’ll always remember important aspects of your shooting form and swiftly get into the mental headspace of shooting as you prepare to aim for a target.

The principle of routine consistency also applies to your bow settings. Once you find the sweet spot for your draw weight, draw length, and other parameters, you should stick to shooting with that, making only the most minimal changes when necessary.

Eliminate Distractions - Focus Solely On The Target

Proper focus is one of the most critical aspects in improving your shot accuracy. By drowning out distractions and directing your mental energy on the target, you’re halfway through a perfect shot. The trick is to focus on the smallest spot you can identify. This narrows down your aim as you condition your mind and muscles to get an accurate shot of that spot. You might want to try this when next you’re shooting long-distance shots.

Relax Your Bow Grip!

The bow grip is one of the most underestimated considerations for most archers, probably because a gentle and relaxed grip seems counterintuitive. Believe it or not, your bow hand greatly influences your shooting accuracy.

It is not uncommon to see archers clench their bow as they aim for the target, holding it as though their lives depend on it. But this is a mistake that can cost you accuracy as an archer. Clenching your bow that way will cause the muscles around your bow hand to tense up and begin to shake. This movement is transferred to your bow, making it almost impossible to aim accurately while shooting.

The rule of thumb is that your bow arm should be relaxed and have minimal contact with the bow. It should feel as though the bow is just barely resting on your bow hand. 

When next you’re practicing, take a mental note to observe how you grip your bow. If you notice you’re gripping the bow too tightly, try to relax your grip a little. Being aware of this can go a long way to help you develop better shooting habits and can significantly improve your accuracy and shot precision.

Invest In Compatible Equipment

From the very start, when you choose and invest in your archery gear - especially your bows, arrows, and accessories - take note and ensure that they fit and mesh properly. Select your arrows, arrow rest, and peep sight, ensuring they are matched, fully functional, and can work together like one teamed-up unit while you shoot. 

For example, ensure that your arrow rest is the appropriate type that can hold the type of arrows you are using. You should also match arrows correctly with your bow to achieve perfect arrow flight.

In the same vane, you should invest in arrows that shoot the same. We get it - arrows aren’t exactly cheap, especially the best brands. But one of the worst things you can do as an archer is to have a quiver full of mismatched arrows. 

The more often you use your arrows, the more you’ll get to know them. Arrows don’t shoot the same, but with frequent use, you can distinguish which ones fly in a particular manner and group them together.

Test Your Anchor Points

The anchor point is a point on your face that you use as a reference to ensure that you are consistent in pulling your string back as you prepare to make your shot. The most comfortable anchor point varies for different archers, but the most important consideration is that your aiming eye is properly aligned with the bowstring. Some archers anchor below the corners of the mouth, against the chin, by the nose-tip, or the earlobe.

Essentially, anchor points enable you to pull back the string to the exact position each time you pull your bow, helping you build muscle memory. It also helps with developing a proper archery form. Hence, regardless of whichever anchor position you choose, what really matters is that anchoring at that position should be very comfortable and repeatable - you'll get that perfect spot with enough practice. By being consistent with an anchor point, you’ll be able to shoot consistently, which will translate to better arrow grouping.


Mastering shooting accuracy will not happen overnight. Archery is a sport that will test your patience but will also reward you with confidence and satisfaction if you persevere to hone your skills. The above tips are worth considering and putting into practice to help you tighten your arrow groups and improve your archery accuracy each time you aim for a target.