The Meaning Of Compound Bow Brace Height

The Meaning Of Compound Bow Brace Height

Regardless of how you shoot, the brace height is something you should know if you’re using a compound bow. It is a critical metric that affects the way all archers shoot, although not everyone seems to know about it. Your ability to find the best compound bow for shooting will depend on several factors, and the brace height is usually one of those. 

In this article, we’ll explain the bow's brace height measurements and why you should keep them in mind when choosing a compound bow

Compound Bow Brace Heights: What Are They?

In its simplest sense, the brace height is the distance between the bow’s string and the deepest part of its grip when it is at rest. 

When you hold a compound bow, that part of its frame that your hand clutches is the grip, although some archers call it the “throat” or “pivot.” The compound bow brace height measures the distance between this grip and the bowstring when the bow is not being fired. 

Most modern compound bows you see today tend to have set brace heights. And most professional archers usually just stick to these height settings in order to get the best performance from their bows. On the flip side, recurve bow and longbow manufacturers usually recommend the ideal brace heights for individual models, and archers are free to tweak their bowstrings to get the perfect brace height. 

What Makes Brace Height Important In A Compound Bow? 

When selecting the best compound bows for target shooting, it is always important to consider how to measure the brace height for three significant reasons - bow forgiveness, arrow speed, and bow storage.

Bow Forgiveness 

The more forgiving bow, the lesser the effects of an archer’s errors on the arrow’s path. As we all know, archery is a high-accuracy activity that rests on a lot of skill on the archer’s part. However, archers often make minor errors - from hand positioning and bow grip to body mechanics and even torque. Bow forgiveness helps to ensure that these errors have minimal effects. 

When a compound bow has a longer brace height, these errors affect the arrow’s path less. In addition, since the bowstring is in contact with the arrow for a shorter period, the effects of errors on the archer’s part are minimized. Thus, you can get better accuracy in your shooting. 

Arrow Speed

Generally, a shorter compound bow brace height helps improve the arrow speed and arrow flight. It’s pretty simple, really - a shorter brace height means that the arrow makes quicker contact with the bowstring, which transfers more energy to it. As a result, the arrow flies faster and is able to improve the force.

Final Thoughts 

As an archer, the best compound bow for shooting will depend on several factors - one of which is the brace height. While there are merits and demerits to the different brace height and draw length options, finding a bow that works for you is always the top recommendation. 

You should also remember to store your compound bow well - which is what our high-quality compound bow cases help to ensure.