Part 2: Easy Tips on Mastering the Wind

Part 2: Easy Tips on Mastering the Wind

While the goal of every archer is to hit the target, variables like wind and rain will work against you. Only very few archers will say that they like the wind, and the reason behind that is really simple - because it affects our shots. The wind is an enemy for most outdoor shooters. You eat sand, your eyes burn, the shot isn’t steady, and your hair is a total mess! 

Although wind appears like an enemy, you will discover that it is not if you are aware of your environment and plan accordingly. So how do you enjoy shooting in the wind? If you want to improve your archery shooting in extremely windy conditions, use the tips below. 

Know The Direction of The Wind 

It is fairly easy to know the direction of the wind where you stand by feeling it. But can you do the same for the wind downrange? If you want to learn to shoot in the wind, don’t hold archery sessions in a range without flags, trees, or a wind sock. 

Flags at the middle or end of the target line or windsocks show the strength and direction of the wind. The same principle applies to trees. Pay attention to how much the tree moves in the wind and how long the gust took to get from the tree to your target

Let us assume the tree is 100 yards away, and a gust hits it. If it takes 5 seconds to reach your target flag, the wind is blowing 20mph. With some archery lessons and practice, you can know how fast the wind is blowing and how long you have before it hits you or your target. 

Aim Towards the Wind 

After determining the direction of the wind, the next thing is to aim toward the wind. Now, we understand that most archers are hardwired to aim in the center of the wind. However, doing this will throw your arrow off course. 

If you paid attention in your archery lessons, you know that airstreams affect the movement of an arrow. As a result, archers must aim off to compensate for changing wind directions. An alternative is to use a technique called bubbling that allows a shooter to use the level of bubbles on the sight to aim at the target’s center. Read our comprehensive easy tips on shooting in the wind (Part 1) article for more information on shooting techniques.

Regardless of the technique you choose, the fundamental knowledge is to aim to the left when the wind comes from the left and do the same for the right. 

Pay Attention to Your Arrow and Arrow Flight 

Heavier bows are a hassle to carry around. However, they are more practical for archery shooting in the wind than light arrows. The reason behind this is quite simple. Lightweight arrows vibrate more, and a strong crosswind will send them off course. Put simply, the lighter the arrow weight, the more the wind will throw it around. Therefore, choose heavier arrows with more mass and balanced weight and speed. 

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Final Thoughts 

Do you want to master archery shooting in the windPractice on windy days. You can experiment with different bows and arrows or wind measurement devices until you perfect your art. Consistent practice will make you comfortable shooting in the wind and boost your confidence in preparation for your big day.

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