Here Is Why 3D Archery Will Make You A Better Bow Hunter

A 3D archery course is basically a course in which a bunch of 3D animal targets are set up in bush, in real hunting scenario positions. Each target has a heart, lung and body section. In most cases a heart shot is 10pts, a lung shot is 8 pts and a body shot is 5pts. The goal is to stand at the specific marker that has been set for that animal, and guess the distance at which the animal is standing as well as where the vitals would be on the animal.

3D archery shooting is a really fun time and is even better when a group of people go and you make it a competition. In order to find a place near your area that offers 3D shooting events, you can go onto the internet and do a search of 3D shoots, when those results come up you will need to narrow it down to your state and city. Another good way to find out is to simply ask other archers, and bowhunters in your area.

Usually before entering onto the course there are target bags set up for practice shots. This is a great time to take a few shots just to make sure your bow equipment is working properly and to warm up your muscles. Make sure that if you have any questions at all make sure to ask around, other archers and the owners of the course are always more than happy to help out a fellow archer, especially if you’re new to archery or 3D shooting.

There are many different types of 3D animals you will be shooting at, the courses that I have seen I have shot at moose, bear, deer, alligators, beavers, raccoons, goats, and many others. Some of these animals are placed out to about 70 yards and can get pretty tricky to know where to shoot at but it is a whole lot of fun.


The best thing about 3D archery shoots however; is that fact that it’s almost like you’re hunting. There is no better way in my mind to practice for bow hunting than to shoot animal replicas set up in hunting like scenarios, with accurate vitals. 3D archery will teach you to judge distances quickly without the help of a range finder, it wil help to teach you where the vitals are on the different animals you will be hunting, it will also teach you the kind of tricks the trees and shrubs can play on your eyes ex, the tunnelling effect., and it will train you to be an overall better archer.


Let me just say that nothing will make you happier than when that 10 point buck comes out into that clearing in front of you and you will have seen that dozens of times before when shooting the 3D course, and you will know exactly how far he is and where to shoot.