Do Bow String Silencers Work?

Do Bow String Silencers Work?

Today's post is going to cover a top that many archers wonder all the time: do bow string silencers work?

Some of you may wonder what bow string silencers are, while others are more eager to see if they actually have an impact. We'll cover everything you need to know, so continue reading to learn more...

Do Bow String Silencers Work? How and Why They Work

The whole purpose of string silencers is to make your bow less noisy. A good string silencer will stop your bow from making too much of a "twang" or "zing" sound when shooting arrows. It does this by dispersing the vibration along the bow string, so less sound is heard whenever you release an arrow.

Most of the time, bow string silencers are used by hunters. Why? Because you can often scare away your targets thanks to the sound of your bow and arrow. Many animals have fast enough reactions to move after hearing your arrow fire. This can be the difference between hitting or missing your target.

So, a bow silencer stops animals from picking up the sound of an arrow being released, increasing your chances of hitting the target.

Not only that, but it boosts your chances of hitting a clean shot. If an animal hears your string vibration, it only needs to move an inch or two to make you miss your target. You might hit the animal, but in a place that isn't fatal. Therefore, it suffers more pain, whereas a quiet bow has more chance of hitting a killing shot, leading to a swifter death.

At the same time, target shooting archers can also benefit from string silencers. For one, it makes the archery range less noisy, which is always a bonus! But, there is also talk about how bow string silencers affect speed. It's believed that arrow speed increases, which could slightly improve accuracy over longer distances when target shooting.

Similarly, think about the whole aim of a bow string silencer and how it works. Reducing vibrations won't just reduce noise - it also stops your bow from moving around as you fire. So, you can improve your accuracy again, and your body endures less force. As such, the lack of string vibration makes it more comfortable when firing arrow after arrow.

How Do Bow String Silencers Work?

Whether you use recurve bows or compound bows, you'll be surprised at how loud they can be. Technically, you don't have a loud bow - you have some noisy strings. As touched upon above, bowstrings will generate vibrations when released.

These vibrations will create sound waves that you can hear. An easy way to think of this is to look at a guitar. The strings make sounds because of the vibrations created when plucking them. A similar thing happens to a bow and arrow.

So, how do bow string silencers come into play?

Effectively, string silencers work by fitting onto the string and absorbing the vibrations. It will mean that the string doesn't vibrate as crazily as before, so the sound is damped.

Until you fire an arrow with a string silencer, you won't appreciate just how quiet they make your bow. Gone are the days of excessive bow noise and noisy strings!

Bow String Silencers for Each Type of Bow

Naturally, there are different bow types out there that you may use. From compound bows to recurve bows - and even crossbows - each type will need a specific string silencer.

With that in mind, we've put together a section dedicated to helping you choose the right string silencer for your bow. Here's all you need to know:

Compound Bow String Silencer Types

Normally, two different string silencers are good to use with a compound bow:

  • Rubber Bow String Silencers
  • Compound Bow Limb Dampeners

Rubber silencers are very lightweight and designed to attach to your bowstring. As the name suggests, they are made from rubber and can come in all shapes and sizes. Some look like rubber jacks, others like rubber hooks, and a few are akin to wishbones. They are popular because they can be used in wet weather without any problems. Plus, they're cost-effective string silencers and easy to attach.

A compound bow limb dampener is made to be placed on the compound bow limbs. These limbs are known to vibrate a lot and create so much notice. So, instead of string silencers, opting for a limb silencer could be a better idea. Additionally, limb vibration can cause muscle fatigue after firing multiple shots. Therefore, limb dampeners are good at absorbing the shock and lessening your fatigue. So, they're a big hit in both hunting and target archery.

Recurve Bow String Silencers

Those of you using a recurve bow will have a few more options to pick from when looking for a string silencer.

Here are the best bow string silencers to choose from:

  • Cat Whiskers Bow String Silencers
  • Beaver Fur Silencers
  • Wool Bow String Silencers
  • Bowstring Groove Silencers

A cat whisker string silencer is very traditional and has been used for many years. This type of string silencer is made from rubber and looks like lots of cat whiskers all bunched together. It's extremely easy to attach and offers a durable recurve bow silencer that's also very good in the rain - making it ideal for hunting.

Now, you may hear a beaver fur string silencer referred to as beaver balls. This is because, well, these fur silencers look like a pair of beaver balls. There's no better way of putting it, but that is just how it is!

Beaver balls have been used in traditional archery for generations and are considered the original string silencer. They are highly effective at reducing string noise by up to 75%.

Wool bow string silencers are constructed out of wool. They look like round tufts of wool or fur and sit nicely on your bowstring. They're highly effective bow silencers as the wool dampens vibration and can prevent the recurve bow limbs from thumping too much. Again, this type of string silencer is also waterproof, so can be used in any weather conditions.

Lastly, you have a bowstring groove silencer. These are placed at the joint where the string and the limb meet. They're a thin piece of leather material that you can quickly stick to the joint and prevent a lot of noise from your bow.

Crossbow String Silencers

Of course, if you don't use compound bows or recurve bows, you may be inclined to opt for a crossbow. It's not traditional archery, but you can still find a string silencer for this type of bow.

Primarily, you can opt for any of the above. The only thing to be aware of is that you must be able to remove the string from your crossbow. If you can't, consider a limb dampener instead.

Homemade Bowstring Silencers

That's right, it is possible to make a string silencer at home. You just need something that is good at dampening vibrations. Play around with different materials, but using things like wool or yarn will be the best idea.

Some archers have created really effective bow silencers by using some DIY crafts and creating fuzzy pom poms that fit on their bowstrings.

Alternatives and Additions to String Silencers

When we talk about a bowstring silencer, we talk about things that fit onto the string and silence it. This includes bow string whiskers silencers, rubber silencers, and so on.

However, you can still achieve similar silencing with alternatives. We've already touched upon one of these things - a limb dampener - when talking about what to use with a compound bow.

The aim of limb dampeners is to silence some of the noise created by the limb vibrating. While commonly used on compound bows, there's no reason you can't use one on a recurve bow too. Some archers use these instead of a bowstring silencer, while others use them alongside them for a better effect.

Furthermore, another alternative/addition is the string stop. Here, compound bow users will find these useful as they mount next to the stabilizer. Recurve bows don't have stabilizers, so you can't really use this alternative here. The aim of a string stop is to catch the string when it finishes its release. Therefore, it prevents added vibrations, quietening down your bow.


All in all, a bow string silencer certainly does work. It reduces bow noise by dampening vibrations when an arrow is fired. You can choose from many different bow string silencer options depending on the type of bow you use and which one you prefer.

After purchasing your silencers, it's very important to keep your gear nicely protected. We have a range of high-quality bow cases that are perfect for this. They'll keep your bow and string nicely tucked away and safe from harm, with plenty of storage space for additional accessories too.