Archery Exerciser - What is the Best Archery Exerciser

What Is the Best Archery Exerciser?

If you have been into shooting the bow or bow hunting for any length of time you probably have come to the realization that being stronger will improve not only your aim but also reduce or prevent injury.

It is not enough to just practice shooting. As in all sports today the realization has, come that to get better you must strength train. The best Archery Exerciser is one that mimics the same movements that you perform when shooting (There is recent medical research that states that we improve in that specific movement that we perform repeatedly.)

Therefore, if you begin to exercise with weights and perform bench presses, you will improve in your bench pressing. (That is why it is important to perform the same movements as in your sport.)

In addition, you must utilize isometric holds in order to maximize your strength training ability. If you look at the process of drawing your bow... you pull back on the drawstring until you can pull no further... you aim and then you release. This process is both an isotonic and isometric exercise.

Merely performing an exercise that incorporates the pulling back of the drawstring without the isometric hold will not be as effective.

In the opinion of many experts, the best bow exercise equipment is an isometric isotonic exerciser that can mimic the exact movements just described. Many of these isometric exercisers will allow you to perform other exercises in addition to the ones that will strengthen your sport specific muscles.

One other consideration for the best bow exercise equipment is that it provides you with enough resistance to grow. Nothing is worse than investing money in equipment and then quickly outgrowing its use.

What Are the Muscles Used in Archery

Here is a list of the muscles you should focus on in order to improve your archery skills.

  • Upper Back and Shoulder Muscles - these are the muscles used when you draw the bow.
  • Lower and Upper Shoulder Muscles - these muscles are used to control the draw are.
  • Forearm Muscles - strengthen your forms is essential for holding the bow and for the strength in your hands to pull the drawstring.
  • Stomach or Abdominal Muscles - having a strong core is essential for any sport but especially for archery or bow hunting. Your ability to maintain a steady hand is also about breath control.

Training for the bow does not need to take hours of your time each day. Utilising the proper Archery Exerciser that incorporates both isotonic and isometric exercises and allows you to mimic the same movements that you perform in archery does not take hours. A good isometric isotonic exerciser can provide you with a 7 to 10 minute workout that you will only need to perform 3 to 4 times a week. This will leave you plenty of time to devote to the sport we all love.