Purchasing a Compound Bow Online

Part 1 - How to Determine Your Draw Length



Purchasing a compound bow online can seem to be a daunting task. There are several factors that you will need to have knowledge of when shopping for a bow. As you gain knowledge of each of these factors and how to determine your personal needs the bow picking process will become a lot easier.

One thing to take in to consideration when purchasing a compound bow is the draw length. The draw length is the distance from the nock on the string to the grip when the bow is at full draw. Determining the correct draw length is actually an easy task. It will take two people only a minute or two to determine the correct draw length and you will be one step closer to purchasing your bow!

A bow and arrow set at the proper draw length will enable you to have three solid anchor points at full draw. The anchor points being where your hand rests on your face neck area, where the string hits you at the corner of your mouth, and where your nose hits the string. Determining these anchor points is necessary so that you draw and hold the bow in the same position each time that you shoot your bow. Also, having a draw length that is too long may result in the string slapping your arm.

To obtain the draw length that you will need simply spread your arms straight out on each side so that they are fully extended. The measurement will need to be taken from finger tip to finger tip. This measurement will then need to be divided by 2.5. If you are going to shoot a D-Loop then one half an inch should be subtracted from the total. It's that easy!

Before you purchase your bow, take a few moments to follow the steps above to determine the draw length that you will need. It will then be time for the next critical step of the purchasing process...


Part 2 - Determining Draw Weight


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