Guide in Choosing Archery Cases

Archery cases are specifically designed to protect your equipment while you're not using it. We are aware that archery is not the safest sport so we have to do everything we can to protect ourselves and the people around us. When looking for quivers, remember that you always get what you pay for. Don't buy the cheapest one that you see in the store. You want something that will suit your needs and your active lifestyle. The first thing that you have to check is the compartment. Do not buy something that does not have compartments in the inside case. These are very useful for carrying accessories like strings and arrows. This is very convenient for you because you don't have to carry a separate bag or case because you have everything you need in your bow case.

When looking at archery cases, do not forget to inspect the interior. You want a padded interior to provide you with more stability. A padded interior will serve as a shock absorber just in case you drop the case accidentally. Soft cases are made from leather or canvas while hard cases are typically made from plastic or metal. If you opt for soft quiver, look for something that contains a thick padding on all sides for protection. Also, you want something that comes with straps inside so your equipment will hold in place all the time. For added security, make sure you choose something with lock so nobody can open your case but you. If you are a hunter, portability should be your concern as well. You want something that you can easily put in your car and carry it around. Look for lighter cases that you can carry with ease. Lastly, you want a quiver that can resist damage from wetness and exposure to extreme temperatures. It shouldn't matter whether you have to go to the woods on a rainy day and hunt or you have to travel across the globe to compete, your case should be able to cater to these needs.




Like any other sport, it is very important to observe safety and precautionary measures. With archery, you also have to think about what might happen even if you're not playing the game and part of this means that your arrows should be scattered all over the place. The tools used in this kind of sport are lethal so archery bow cases are needed to protect you and everyone else around you. Their main purpose is for you not to lose your arrows and of course for you to avoid hurting somebody. A bow case is also called a quiver and every archer needs a good one.

What are the things you have to take into account when looking at archery bow cases? The first consideration is the type. If you want something lightweight and portable, you can consider buying a quiver that can be attached to your hip, it kind of works and looks like a belt. It keeps your arrows conveniently by your side. If you are hunting though, this type of case is not advisable because you may have a hard time to go through thick brush. There are some quivers that can be attached to the bow. Some are attached permanently while others are detachable. Detachable quivers are great because you can take away the weight from the bow before you shoot. Field and professional archers normally use this type of quiver. If you want your arrows upright, choose a case that can be stuck in the ground, this way you can easily access your tools.

Another thing to consider when looking for bows archery cases is the size. Does size matter? Definitely! Keep in mind that different models hold a different amount of arrows. Some quivers can hold as much as ten while others are only able to hold about five. The size should depend on your purpose and needs. They are a bit pricey but their worth will be proven over time. Choose something that guarantees bow protection and it should withstand tough weather conditions. It should be impact-resistant and have high-density foam lining.