Dude Perfect’s Insane Archery Trick Shots Don’t Disappoint [VIDEO]

Dude Perfect’s Insane Archery Trick Shots Don’t Disappoint [VIDEO]

Internet sensation “Dude Perfect” has done it again.

Known for posting ridiculous basketball trick shot videos, the Texas-based collaborative dropped the balls and picked up the bows for their latest offering.



I love these guys. “Dude Perfect” uses a simple formula, and they knock it out of park. I mean, they have over 300 million views on YouTube, so they have to be doing something right.

If I could sit around on a farm with five of my best friends and think up ridiculous things to video and throw on the Internet, I’d be so happy. This literally looks like the most fun ever. You can tell from each and every reaction that these guys are just loving life and taking us along for the ride.


Unfortunately, I have bills to pay, so I guess I’ll just watch this five or six more times and daydream about sneaking away to Texas for a weekend.


from: http://dailycaller.com/2014/11/11/dude-perfects-insane-archery-trick-shots-dont-disappoint-video/