30,000 Facebook LIKES : Win A Streamline Backpack.

November 10, 2014

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Legend Everest Hybrid Roller Bow Case - Airline Approved, TSA Lock-Legend Outdoor Industries
Everest Bow Case - Airline Approved
Legend Apollo Compound Bow Case | Lightweight-Legend Outdoor Industries
Apollo Bow Case
Alpha Bow Backpack
Alpha Bow Backpack
$114.99 - $144.99
Legend Back Quiver
Legend Back Quiver
Compound Bow Case Monstro-Legend Outdoor Industries
MonstroTM Bow Case

To celebrate 30,000 Facebook Likes and say thank you to all our fans, we offer to one of you a Streamline backpack !


To WIN it, it is as simple as 4 steps :

1/ SHARE the post on our Facebook page (the one that you just clicked on)

2/ LIKE the post on Facebook

3/ LIKE our Facebook page

4/ COMMENT the post on Facebook


The best comment will be declared the winner of the Streamline pack.


Martin Douglas
Martin Douglas