Shocking Bowhunting Accidents : Essential Safety Tips to Avoid Them

Accidents with arrows are not as common as other accidents associated with hunting but they do really happen. It is not just animals, who get hurt with bowhunting, hunters may get hurt as well.

The potential of anyone being killed or shot by an arrow is quite remote but it can happen and the basic reason for this is that some hunters fail to follow basic safety rules while bowhunting.

Imagine the bow getting stuck in someone’s head, hand, or even passing through someone’s body ! If you don’t take safety measures, these accidents can get someone injured badly.

The best way to avoid bowhunting accidents is to consider your own safety and the safety of others. 

  •  Camouflage clothes are very popular but other hunters will have difficulties seeing you unless you wear hunter orange. Deer and other game animals don't see hunter orange. Deer do not have red-sensitive cone cells in their eyes, and can't tell red or orange from green and brown.
  • You must inspect your archery equipment before stepping out in the fields to perform bowhunting. Your gear might not be in workable condition and it can potentially be dangerous. 
  • Many injuries happen because the hunter has chosen the wrong tree stand. If you are hunting from a tree, make sure that the tree and the stand are capable of holding your weight. 
  • Your arrows should be in a quiver with a hood covering. A common hunting accident occur when the bowhunter jab others or himself while carrying arrows in hand. 
  • When you are sharpening your arrows, be as careful as you can. You might need a sharp razor for this purpose and you could cut yourself.

Without proper safety measures, you can injure yourself or someone else. Be careful out there.