How To Stop Hitting Your Arm When Shooting In Archery

An annoying aspect for the novice archer is the backlash from the string on the arm you hold the bow with. Unfortunately, upon release of the arrow, the string does not simply take the form is originally had. Rather, it causes the string to vibrate. Then, the all too familiar routine of the string coming back to whack you in the arm happens, instigating a feeling of pain or discomfort.


Also unfortunate, the pain given off by this annoying aspect of archery can be quite intense, and you want to make your experience as painless as possible.

You can start off by observing the fingers which you grip the bow with. Your hand should be fairly close to the inside. Once you've done this, note whether or not there is a straight line going down from the grip. Adjustments must be made if there is too much room where your hand is concerned. What usually causes this unneeded pain and discomfort is when there is too much of an angle from your wrist onto the bow, which causes your arm to push up against the strings pattern of motion. Another thing to remember is your hand should not be to far out. A common misconception is that many novice archers think that be drastically altering the position of there arm to the side, they won't get any backlash, which is not true at all. Your grip on the bow should feel natural and flow right for you.


A good position for your arm in order to reduce or completely stop the backlash the string puts on your arm, is to tilt your elbow in and down. This helps your arm stay away from where the string goes. When rotating your arm inward and downward, make sure not to do it too much, and also keep a clear mental and physical focus on your grip. Your arm should be flat and therefore give the string more space in which to move.

Just in case the suggested tricks above don't work out for you, then you may be able to get some results by altering your stance. If widen your stance position, you create a wider area of space between yourself and where the string goes. There is a natural, yet invisible triangle that is made with your bow hand. the should, and anchor. You will want to begin by using the elemental closed position. Make sure your feet are directly lines up with the target in front of you. Next, move the back of your foot forward a little bit. A tip for any female archers, you might find the closed stance difficult, so the elemental stance might be more useful.

Chances are if none of the above helped you out, then it's a matter of anticipation. This is a beginners mistake which means that the archer is extending their arm even before the arrow is released from the bow. If this is indeed the case, just stay calm and focused, let your shot flow naturally.


Do you often get backlash ? How did you fix the problem ? Tell us in the comments section.