Dark Secrets about your Broadheads

A great thing about hunting is the "shop talk."

One of the neat things about hunting is the "shop talk." You know when local hunters gather around and share stories and talk about equipment or the big 59 point buck someone spotted.
Anyone who has been around deer hunting for awhile can vouch for the ever changing technology in deer hunting equipment, hunting backpacks or clothing.


Today the "shop talk" will center around broadheads and a common theme that is as prevalent today as it was 10 years ago.
I have always been fascinated by broadheads. Bow hunters today have more choices than ever before in broadhead selection. Broadheads of all shapes and sizes are available for deer hunters to choose from. However, what I want to talk about is the sharpness of your broadhead.


What I have noticed is the increasing number of hunters who are hunting with dull blades. I guess it never dawned on me that so many deer hunters would neglect this.
I mean the topic of razor sharp broadheads has been around for years. I have seen blades so rusty and dull they couldn't cut through hot butter. No kidding, quivers are full of dull blades!

Here's the sad part. Hunters will buy the latest Mathews bow and add all the new accessories. They have no problem spending over $1,000. Heck they will also most likely be driving a newer SUV or pickup with gas over $3.00 a gallon.Why they neglect the sharpness of their broadheads is beyond me.


Here's a tip. Buy replacement blades if you are using inserts. If you are using fixed blades, you will need to have them sharpened or sharpen them yourself. Just don't use the sharpener that comes with your can opener.
If you would like to sharpen them yourself try this.

Type in "sharpen broadheads" or something similar in the Google search and you will come up with a few sites that show you how to sharpen your own broadheads.
When the moment of truth comes, do you really want to risk all of you the time and money you have invested in bow hunting because you neglected your blades? Do yourself and the game you are hunting a favor. Keep those blades razor sharp.
It will make for a much cleaner and efficient kill. One more thing. It makes tracking much easier.