Archery Arm Guard - How to Find the Best One.

Archery Arm Guard - How to Find the Best One.

An archery arm guard can provide you extra safety and support in your shooting. This no small detail when you consider it is the little things that usually make the difference in great shooting and okay results. Therefore, finding an archery arm guard that is right for you is worth some serious consideration. We have put together this list of tips to help save your some time in your research :


1 / Beginners should start with extra padded ones. These will give you extra protection as you learn to shoot your bow. You will learn that it is best to avoid it cuts and scratches as these impact your aim and shooting. By getting some extra padding, you can keep yourself well protected until your shooting becomes more consistent. At that point, you are welcome to move to more streamlined versions.



    2 / Get arm guards that fit over bulk clothing. This is especially important if you plan on doing a lot practicing in the cold months outdoors. Remember one of the first roles of an arm guard is to keep clothing away from your arrow. For this reason, you may want to opt for arm guards that can easily be placed over bulky sweaters, winter coats, and jackets. Elastic bands can work well here although tied up versions probably work best.



    3 / Get a few different types. Archery armguards are very inexpensive so it is a good idea to get several different types. This will let you test them out to see which ones you like best. The arm guards can be made of all kinds of materials so be sure to find some that feel good to you.


    4 / Plenty of different options in archery arm guards but start out with simple. Recognise that there are dozens of different archery arm guards on the market. They can even get down right costume like when you start looking at what traditional archery or medieval archery offers. However, for beginners, all you really need is a basic one that serves two purposes: (1) gives protection to your forearm and hand from the bow string and (2) the arm guard is made so that arm sleeves can be held snugly to the arm making sure it does not come into contact with the bow. Anything beyond these two features is excessive and is more likely ornamental. Therefore, stick with the simple at the start and you should be fine.