One Easy Step to Improve Your Accuracy by 50% !

Whether you're new to archery or a seasoned veteran of this great sport, if you are not using this simple technique you are falling short of your true accuracy potential, and selling your self short of becoming the great archer you aspire to be.

I see it all the time, whether in forums, in person, or whatever; people are asking all the time "How do I improve my shooting?", "How can I make more consistent shots?" The answer is with the use of anchor points.



What is an anchor point?

An AP is a specific place where at full draw you can go to each and every time you shoot. So for example let's say when you draw your bow, at full draw you place your index knuckle under your ear lobe every time You shoot, this is an anchor point.



Are they really needed?

Anchor points are very important because of the fact that when you draw your bow very rarely do you go into the exact same position you were in the last time you drew your bow. This means that one shot could be dead on, and the next one your hand could go a little lower than before which causes you to shoot high on your next shot.

The KEY to improving your accuracy is consistency, I'll say it again the KEY to improving your accuracy is Consistency. This is why this technique works so well, with this simple and effective technique you are going to the exact same spot each and every time you draw and shoot your bow and you are therefore going to get more accurate and consistent shots.



What are some common anchor points?

Some of the most common AP's include:

-Index knuckle under your ear lobe

-Bow string touching tip of your nose

-Index knuckle behind your jaw bone

-Kisser button touching the corner of your mouth

These are just a very few of the possible anchor points you can come up with, a lot of these anchor points depend on factors such as bow type, release type, draw length, hardware on bow etc. An anchor point can literally be anything as long as it does not put you or others in danger and it is something you can consistently find each and every time you shoot.


One thing I would definitely suggest you do if you would really like to ramp up your shot accuracy is to incorporate 2 or 3 anchor points into your shooting routine. This will ensure that you are drawing to the exact location all of the time and will greatly improve your shooting accuracy.


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