Easy Ways to Grip Your Compound Bow Properly

Easy Ways to Grip Your Compound Bow Properly


Archery is all about having a complete and accurate hold over your bow. While it involves a lot many aspects, the grip forms an essential part of whole procedure. Your probability of hitting the bull’s eye to a large extent is dependent on the way you keep your hands onto the grip, how relaxed you keep and maintain the grip both during and after the shot.


Archery Bow torque plays a vital role and decides how consistently you shoot shots in Archery. If the bow grip is not properly placed, bow torque will play its role and you will end up shooting either to the left or right of the desired target.


How to Determine if Bow Torque is Actually the Main Culprit?

You can determine this by drawing your archery bow and determining if it twists in your hands. The bow will get twisted or turned due to the force of the bow. When the bow will be released, it will spring back to its original position, making your arrow miss the target.


How to Eliminate Bow Torque?


Take it simple. Relax your fingers and wrist. Place the grip in your natural pocket formed with relaxed fingers and wrist with the wrist at a 90-degree angle. You can discover this pocket along the lifeline near the thumb side of your palm. If you are unable to find this natural pocket, you probably are not keeping your fingers relaxed. Further, knuckles should also run down off the edge of the rise, making an angle of 45 degrees. Maintain poise throughout and keep your fingers relaxed so that you have a right hold over the bow’s grip.


Once the bow torque is eliminated, your archery bow will jump forward out of your hand once the arrow is released. But, you will get habitual of this and will slowly learn to maintain the archery bow in place, with a smooth release.


Consistently having a proper grip while you are shooting is an important part of archery. This determines the consistency and accuracy of your shots as well.