Best Practices You Must Follow in Order to Ensure Your Safety in Archery

Best Practices You Must Follow in Order to Ensure Your Safety in Archery


Safety is the most crucial element that should be looked at while practicing a sport and Archery is no exception. You never know when the arrow hits you and it will be too late for an archer to apologize. To ensure safety, the archer must be very careful, where they are hitting and at which direction they are targeting the bow and arrow. Most importantly, they must be careful and check before targeting if somebody is crossing by their lane.


1) Age group

Keeping the safety factors in mind, children below the age group of 16 must be escorted by an adult. Young children or amateurs may get injured, by running here and there, by not watching out, where the archer is targeting.


2) No Alcohol

Alcohol is strictly banned for all age groups as it is the main source of damage and could lead to a major injury by an archer, not being at his/her mental state.


3) Archer must be attentive

An archer must be attentive enough while shooting the target and should be aware of the direction of his bow and arrow. They must be aware where they are shooting and not end up shooting on other lanes or distracting other archers. Fights and quarrels should be avoided at all costs especially when the archer is practicing. It would cause a lot of damage to them and they will be banned from entering the premises.


4) Archery range work force

Archery range authority has been giving instructions to deny service to anyone who goes against any rule made by the organisation. As for any damage that occurs on the field, the workforce will be held responsible for letting the damage happen to the injured person. Further, archer won’t be allowed to practice again on that range.


5) Listen to the instructions carefully

Before starting archery, there is always an instructor, who is instructing archers of what to do and what not in order to avoid any injuries and for safe play. If an archer is intelligent enough, he or she must be attentive so that they can enjoy the game comfortably without injuring themselves.


6) While pulling arrows

While pulling the arrows out of the target stand on one side and before pulling it ensure that nobody is standing directly at the back. Also, make sure, you don't target arrow towards the sky, as you never know, towards which direction will it fall & it may end up hurting somebody.


Keep these factors in mind in order to ensure that you are safe in Archery. It might sound like a simple game of bow and arrow, but you never know what happens next. Archery undoubtedly is one of the safe games, and by following these best practices you can boost your safety manifold.