Factors That You Must Consider When Buying a Bow

Factors That You Must Consider When Buying a Bow

Buying a bow and arrow is no child’s play. You need to have proper info about the concerned aspects before making the right choice in order to excel in Archery.

A few points that you need to consider when buying a bow include:

  • The size of the bow: how big or small should it be?
  • How do you shoot? Whether, you shoot with your right or left hand?
  • The draw-length
  • The draw-weight: Assuming that beginners generally choose to go for recurve bows, for a lady 24 to 28 lb is suggested as a suitable draw weight. However, for men archers, recurve bow weight of 28 to 32lb is highly recommended. 

How to Select a Proper Bow?

Selecting a bow of a bearable weight is recommended in Archery, as mentioned above. A comfortable bow will allow you to shoot at the target comfortably and at a good distance. It will also allow you to sustain a good posture, which is also known as a Form.


On the other hand, selecting a very heavy bow can lead to ruining your body structure. Since you would get involved in intense training sessions, wrong bow weight can interfere with your health, making the circumstances difficult.


Many bows come with flexible weight. In such bows, the draw weight can be adjusted upwards from the rated weight by about 10%. And therefore, 30 pounds at limbs can be tailored to around 32 pounds.  You may need to purchase a new set of limbs if you decide upon increasing your draw weight, even when you are playing with tailored limbs. Also, keep in mind, the weight mentioned above are the weights, to be carried on your fingers at full draw. The actual weight is dependent upon, how far you're able to draw the bow.


Bows and arrows are said to be measured with AMO requirements and are related to the weight of the draw. The draw weight recommended for the beginners bow, used with the suggested aluminum arrow would just permit the person to shoot 80 yards or for that matter, for a lady to shoot about 60 yards.


It's recommended, that the bow size should be chosen as per the user's draw length, but on the other hand, the draw length is largely dependent on the height of the person as well. And thus, you can achieve a particular bow length by trying out the different combinations of limbs and handle. You can choose to have a smoother draw sensation by going for longer limbs and shorter handle. But this will then interfere with the arrow’s speed. Similarly, the longer handle and shorter limbs would provide you with faster speed.


Consult with your coach properly before you pick up the bow and arrow for archery. Bow and arrow are the basic equipment of the game, and it is very necessary that you choose them properly.