Why You Should Get Your Kids Started In Archery?

Why You Should Get Your Kids Started In Archery?


Archery is a great game for kids. Archery teaches kids to be alert, position right and help them realize the importance of safety. If you too are making up your mind to involve your kids in this great sport, we highly recommend you to buy a bow and arrow for them today. Here is why!


Teaches them to stay disciplined

Beginners are usually told to respond to the command of the whistle. Children are trained to move to the shooting stage, after the second whistle. Usually in a smaller age group, children are allocated into groups depending on the number they are so that the sport is more enjoyable. This allows them to shoot individually and with proper safety.


Teaches them to be systematic and organized

Kids are made to stand in the waiting line, as each step of the shooting is provoked by a command given by the instructor. After each archer has shot their bow and arrows on the target and the range is clear, archers must keep their equipment aside. There are three whistles blown to give the command to archers. The first indicates the shooting can begin in a sequence of steps. The second is to signal them to proceed to the shooting line and the third as mentioned above permits archer to keep their equipment aside. After the third whistle is blown, the archer is supposed to automatically move to the target line and score his arrows.


Teaches them the importance of correct position

Right-hand archer is supposed to hold the bow, with the left hand. So, with the left side towards the target, the child is made to stand at the right angle to the target. Child must keep the tips of the toes against an imaginary line pointing towards the center of the target. The child is made to stand straight with shoulders down. This is done to help them balance their body weight so that the shoulders are directly towards the target. 


One of the safe sports

Archery is considered as an important sport for children as it teaches them how unsafe habits can injure themselves and provides them knowledge on how important safety is. On the other hand, it is proven that Target Archery is one of the safest sports for children because the strictness involved teaches the children to be safe while enjoying the game.

For that matter of fact, even for parents when they make their children join this sport, and they watch an Archery class being conducted, they themselves feel safe in making their children join. Archery teaches a skill which is safe for kids, even to practice every day. It is considered as a safe sport. The range or the field where it is played has been designed, keeping the safety in mind, which is most beneficial for children. 

However, before enrolling your kid into one of the archery courses, make sure that the kids are being trained under the effective supervision of trained and qualified teachers. Further, teachers/instructors should be vigilant enough to monitor each student individually and provide individual feedback to them.

Buy for your kids a right set of bow and arrows and get them started!