8 Questions About BowHunting You Should Always Seek Answers For.

8 Questions About BowHunting You Should Always Seek Answers For.

Though you might have spent several years doing shooting and are well practiced, you could still have loads of questions when it comes to bow hunting. Either you would be afraid of asking them or would have failed in finding the answers that you'd only get by bow hunters of great expertise. Worry not! We have a set of questions that you have always wanted to ask!


How do I hide my scent?

You don't really have to crack your head over the scent control as there are plenty of products that offer great scent control. Based on the game and the chemistry of your body, you can find a few products with a little bit comparison. You can buy products for trial, say for two weeks and later decide if you have to go with them. An all-purpose spray for scent elimination can be used before you step into the forests. You also must avoid getting into smelly areas while in the hunting clothes.


What to carry and what not to carry?

If you use compound bows, you need to make sure that you get the whole bow setup along with you. Though it is basics, if you've missed one item, the bow hunting could be ruined. Next, you need to ensure your bow has been tuned along with the arrows and the quiver. You may also require few extra broad heads, the installation and removal tool for the broad head, primary as well as backup aids of release and also a holder for the bow if you are using a holder or a hook. You must also carry other items like Kleenex, cellphone, water bottle, flashlight and warm footwear. Do not forget the archery hunting license as well as the tag!


How should I dress myself?

People wear various things while bow hunting. But you should only go as per the indications of weather. If you think it is cold to step outside, you would freeze when you would be seated on a tree stand or a ground blind, go for warm cloths. You can do yourselves a great favor by shopping for clothes and boots that suit the weather you are archery hunting in. As far as colors are concerned, you can go for the camo as it is common among all bow hunters. You can also go for gray and black options of clothing too. Both women and men have endless choices and you can customize your clothing patterns and colors as you wish.


How do I feel with noises?

You are sure to come across noises, probably chipmunks or squirrels. But in the forests, every noise sounds heavily. This is one of the significant parts of bow hunting; the importance of getting along with the nature. Though it might spook you in the beginning, you do not have to worry much. You will be in the woods before the rise of the sun and will be able to feel the whole forest come alive all around you. Squirrels, birds and leaves that rustle can all sound as if a huge animal is closing in on you. Don't panic and be rational!


Do I have to make use of a tree stand?

In a lot of cases, you will be able to hunt on a ground blind. Few places, however, would want bow hunters to stand on tree stands and hunt. Go through the local and state archery hunting regulations and only later go for it. But you don't have to force yourself to stand on a tree stand if you are scared of heights. Ground blinds are still a great choice and you can go on the tree stand whenever you want to.


What if I come across wild animals?

Realistically speaking, there is a less chance for bow hunters to come across wild animals. Generally, they are more scared than you would be and hence, you wouldn't have to panic. You can always take lessons on how to handle such worst case scenarios. You can carry phones and inform other mates of your whereabouts.


I need to go to the loo. What should I do?

This is the main reason traditional bow hunters suggest that you drink apple juice and not orange juice when you start for the woods. It will decrease your urges. But since you need to be kept hydrated, you also must have to urinate. Be it a ground blind or a tree stand, don't constrain yourself but relieve yourself.


Is it going to be a boring day in the forest?

Definitely not! You must not be bored in the forests as you would have plenty of things to cherish. The adrenaline rush you experience with every single noise, the serenity you feel while sitting amid the woods are all totally reassuringly about you not being bored. You must just know your time spent in the nature can be one of the greatest experiences the bow hunters ever get.