A Guide To Choosing the Ideal Archery Gear

A Guide To Choosing the Ideal Archery Gear


Archery undoubtedly is a great sport. But, you can only fetch the best out of archery when you have the right archery equipment with you. Fortunately, buying archery equipment is not a tough job. All thanks to a plethora of choices that are available.

Are you looking for the right gear? We’re here to help!

  • Identify the perfect arrows


Select the right arrows - the ones meeting your purpose. Many people tend to go for aluminum arrows that are perfect for outdoor as well as indoor shooting. Arrows generally flex when they are released out of the bowstring. Hence, ask your coach or dealer to help you in selecting arrows which flex enough and have just the right weight along with the draw length.

  • Choose 'your kind of' bow


Selecting among recurve bows and compound bows is one of the perks of archery that archers enjoy. There is nothing like a right or a wrong choice. Your choice must depend on what you love doing the most. You could also try a longbow for a change. When you get to your local archery shop, you can explore the various types of bows, and choose the one you feel most confident with.

  • Accessorize
An archer's equipment cannot be completed without the important accessories required. Quiver, finger tab, armguard and release aid are key accessories. These fundamental inclusions are not costly but are very important for your setup. An armguard protects your arm and prevents it from the graze it could suffer by the string of the bow while shooting. For recurve bow archers, the finger tab includes protective leather in between your fingertips and the bowstring. For compound archers, a mechanical release would help in releasing the bowstring better. The hip quiver carries your arrows and is easy to use.
  • Get hold of the sight
Most archers go with a beginner's sight when choosing their first bow to aid themselves in aiming at the given target and strike it more precisely. A few archers begin with traditional setups, but the sight would help you shoot with better precision using a recurve bow or a compound bow. Many sights provide durability as well as adjustability at user-friendly prices.
  • Time for Personalizing

This is the most interesting part. You can choose to personalize your archery gears. Bows are generally available in various colors and arrows could be fletched by making use of a variety of feathers or vanes. Archers can also choose the color for their nocks, the plastic parts that are at the end of the arrows which snap onto the bowstring. Quivers, as well as armguards, also come in a variety of colors and styles.

Once you are pretty serious about archery, you will find out that there are plenty of options for intermediate as well as high-performance bows, sights, accessories and most importantly, arrows. Your first move is to make yourselves comfortable and consistent with your first bow setup.