Getting Started With Archery - Learn It From The Experts!

Getting Started With Archery - Learn It From The Experts!

Dan Schuller is an expert in archery and knows plenty. He works for one of the largest distributors. He possesses a lot of knowledge about the archery products. He has been into archery since he was a young kid and that is another reason we could assert that Schuller is a genius of Archery. This competitive shooting has worked for him and now Schuller hopes to go to Rio for the Olympics of 2016.

Apart from such competitive shooting, Schuller is fond of helping kids to develop an interest in the sport. At the ATA trade show 2014, Schuller, from the Booth of Lancaster had said that he was passionate about hunting when he had begun shooting with bow and arrow. However, through the development program Olympic Archery for Juniors, he learned the basics and the disciplines. Along with his competitive spirit, he went on to spend his full time doing the target archery. He hunted whenever he could but had made target archery his life when he was in the program. This program allowed Schuller go around the world. Through this, he learnt from various things and happenings which he couldn't have otherwise had the opportunity of experiencing, had he not gotten himself into archery.

For those enthusiasts who are planning to involve themselves in archery, or want their kids to learn the sport, Schuller has got a few suggestions!

  • Begin with recurve bows archery

Unless your child or you are used to a compound, Schuller suggests that it is always better to begin with a recurve bows archery. According to Schuller, a person will be able to learn the ways of archery better if they start learning to shoot using a recurve bow. It would also let the player comprehend the techniques in a better way. Though it isn't really a trouble to begin with learning using a compound bow, it is any day better to learn the basics using a recurve bow. And thus, decide well between a compound bow and recurve bow and choose the one that fits you better.

  • Look for a fitting bow

    You can look for fitting  recurve bows and compound bows at archery shops in your locality. They will even help you measure the bows for your requirements.

    • Low poundage could be the key

    You wouldn't want to begin at poundage which will make it really difficult for you to draw. You would want to learn fundamentals first and build muscle memory. 

    All in all, Schuller says that it wouldn't really matter what motivates you to get into the sport. It is nothing more than a good way through which you can have fun with family and friends. If you reach a point where you start getting frustrated about it, Schuller has got an advice for that too.

    You must carry the will to improvise yourself and the boost to reach there.