Bow Strings

The bow strings are the most important part of your recurve bow since without the strings,any bow is useless. A bow string provides the propulsion to shoots arrows and it can also have a great impact on your performance if it is old and stretched.If you are not happy with your current recurve bow string, you can easily choose a different string for your favorite bow. Bows that are more than eight years old definitely need a bow string change.


For regular archers and especially for hunters, having a strong bow string is important to get the most out of the bow. Today, there are many different bow string materials available to choose from. For the last 50 years, archery has seen a great change in terms of string materials that have been used for making bow strings. Traditionally, waxed linen strings were used for bowstrings, but today, a variety of different materials are used for making the bowstrings, such as horsehair, cotton, catgut, silk, and Chinese grass fiber as well as synthetics.


Modern bow strings are more durable and weather resistant. You can choose from a variety of recurve bow strings that offer enhanced performance, durability, and reduce variability over time. It is always a wise decision to have extra bowstrings in your archery equipment kit while hunting or competing for an easy switch out in the event of breakage.


Check our Dacron Bow String for Recurve Bows. We have AMO 48 to 66, in 12, 14 and 16 strands.