Bow Hunting Accessories

Arrows, bows and sights are commonly of the more modern varieties. However, all effective variations, including crossbows and wooden bows launching wooden arrows with stone points, are used. Arrowheads are chosen to ensure lethality. Broadheads feature blades that jut out from the shaft at an angle to cause more damage to the target; some models have retractable blades that only deploy once they hit the target.

Big game hunting requires a draw weight of 35+ lbs. For larger game such as elk or moose, 50+ lbs is suggested. Most male American archers can draw a bow rated at 50-60 lbs, most women 30-40 lbs.

Lighter arrows, all else equal, will give a higher speed and a flatter trajectory. Because arrows with mass more than 900 grains (58 g) carry more momentum, and penetrate better in large animals, bow hunters might choose them when hunting these animals.