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Legend XT Armguard - Low Profile Buckles - Forearm Protector-Legend Outdoor Industries
XT Armguard - Forearm Protector
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When you are shooting without an archery arm guard, that unintentional whack of the drawstring on your arm can bring tears to your eyes. An archery armguard protects your arm from unnecessary injuries as well as embarrassment.


Protect your arms with Legend Archery high quality archery armguards used by the pros to protect their arms while hunting or competing.


Absolute Arm protection

Using Legend Archery’s arm guards will not only protect your arm from draw string slapping, it will also prevent your clothing from coming in contact with the string while you are shooting. Archery armguards fasten snugly for a comfortable contoured fit on your arms without causing any loss of flexibility or discomfort.


For beginners, wearing an arm guard is recommendedfor protection until shots are smoother andmore consistent. We have arm guards in variety of colors and patterns from basic and camo to bright colors, such as red and blue.


Choose From a Wide Range of Archery Arm Guards

Legend Archery has a wide selection of arm guards that can comfortably fit on arms of all sizes and shapes. Our arm guards have been manufactured using top quality, strong materials, such as ballistic nylon which is flexible enough to accommodate all arm sizes. You can choose from two strap or four strap arm guards to suit your needs. Whether you are a beginning archer or a professional, our arm guards are suitable for archers of all ages and skill levels. Our archery armguards are made from non-allergenic materials that do not create an allergy issue or cause any discomfort to the wearer.


Whether you are competing, hunting or target shooting, Legend Archery carries a wide selection of armguards to fit all your archery needs. Our archery arm guardsare available at the lowest prices ever.