Archery Chest Guards

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Archery is a great sport, but it can lead to unnecessary soreness and even injuries if not practiced in the right way. When you are shooting your bow, bringing the end of the arrow is close to your chest can lead to your clothing getting tangled with the bow string. Not only is this awkward and embarrassing, it may be dangerous as well. To prevent this, you must have a chest guard every time you shoot.

Legend Archery has a wide selection of archery chest guards that conform to your body shape for maximum comfort and prevent entangling your clothing.

Shop for Affordable Chest Guards at Legend Archery
Legend Archery has a wide selection of top quality archery chest guards available at the lowest prices that you will find anywhere. Our chest guards have been created using new designs with great visual effect that offer both functionality and comfort. The sleeves are designed to perfectly fit into your arm clothing, offering optimum support without restricting your movement while aiming and shooting arrows. It protects your chest area from any friction that is created during the shooting process and prevents your clothing from distracting you.

Browse our collection of archery chest guards that are available in various sizes, colors and styles. We offer a 14 day money back guarantee on your purchases.