Archery Quiver Options: The Best Styles For Professional Archers

Archery Quiver Options: The Best Styles For Professional Archers

A  quiver needs to be a part of every archer’s equipment list. Quivers have been around since the advent of archery, and they are useful accessories for both bowhunters and target archers. Besides helping to hold your arrows in place, they also keep them organized and protect them from damage.

Archery quivers come in various styles, and there isn’t exactly a right or wrong choice. But as a professional archer, you need to choose an archery quiver option that effortlessly matches your shooting style. Just like you spend ample time selecting the most suitable bow and arrow options, the same meticulous approach should be taken when selecting the best quiver for you.

An Introduction To The Archery Quiver

Put simply, a quiver is a container that holds and organizes your arrows while you shoot. Quivers are designed to safely and conveniently carry your arrows. As you become a more experienced professional archer, you’ll find that the ability to easily and quickly access your arrows significantly improves your overall practice or hunting experience. Hence, finding the best archery quiver option is always a good idea - regardless of your archery field. 

Traditionally, quivers used to be made of fur, wood, leather, and other easily accessible materials. However, some of the best archery quiver options today come with materials like metal, nylon, and high-density plastic. 

The Best Quiver Styles For Archers 

Generally, the best quiver option for you depends on your needs and shooting application. Like many other things in archery, individuality is key here. 

There are different types of quivers. However, the most popular quiver styles include: 

Back Quiver 

Back quivers are worn diagonally across the back and are particularly popular among traditional bowhunters. Some field and 3-D archers also prefer back quivers as they do not get in the way while navigating the woods or walking a course.

There are many things to love about back quivers. They can easily hold between 20 and 25 arrows and provide easy access to these arrows for a quick reload after each shot. Their positioning makes them easy to carry, and you won’t need to worry about arrows getting in your way while you shoot.  

However, back quivers could also be non-functional in some situations. If you have to bend over, for instance, you might end up spilling your arrows over. This means they’re not very practical if you need to crawl or move stealthily. Back quivers also make it quite difficult to tell how many arrows you still have - meaning you’d have to count your arrows as you shoot. 

Hip Quiver 


If you don’t want a back quiver but still appreciate a hands-free option, then a hip quiver could be what you need. These quivers are attached to your waist - not your back. They come with a belt loop, although some hip quivers simply go around your belt. To grab arrows from hip quivers, all that’s required is a quick reach to your side. 

Hip quivers hold up to 12 arrows and are great for their convenience. Many hip quivers also come with dividers to keep your arrows organized and additional space to keep other archery accessories. As long as you can find one that won’t sway back and forth while you walk, a hip quiver might actually be your ideal choice. 

Field Quiver 

Field quivers are very similar to hip quivers. The primary difference, however, is that a field quiver tilts the arrow backward while the hip quiver tilts the arrows forward. 

Also, most field quivers have lighter and sleeker builds than hip quivers. This makes them ideal for archers who worry about weight distribution and would like to move stealthily. However, it also means that field quivers tend to hold fewer arrows than hip quivers. 

Detachable Quiver

As the name suggests, the detachable quiver attaches to your bow and can be detached when it’s not in use. These quivers hold between three to seven arrows and are especially popular with professional bowhunters. Detachable bow quivers are also a great option for compound and recurve archers.

Depending on your position and shooting style, they can be attached and detached and make it very convenient to get your arrows. Each detachable bow quiver attaches differently. Some are fixed in place, while others are screwed in or locked into place.

You should note that detachable quivers also add some extra weight to the bow. Some archers love this for the added stability, but you might not. So, be sure to check that out before making a choice. 

Bow-Mounted Quiver

The bow-mounted quiver is more permanently attached to your bow. Usually, you’d need an Allen wrench or a screwdriver to detach it from your bow. 

Although there are options for longbows, bow-mounted quivers are used mainly by recurve and compound bow archers. They’re incredibly convenient when reaching for arrows and offer versatility when it comes to grip points. 

However, they’re also not perfect. A bow-mounted quiver makes it difficult for your bow to rest in your lap, the added weight could also cause balancing challenges, and most bow quivers can only hold 4-6 arrows at a time.

In Conclusion…

At the end of the day, the question of the best archery quiver boils down to individual preference and style. But, there’s no denying the importance of these tools. 

Quivers help to keep your arrows organized and can help improve your archery experience as a competitive archer or bowhunter. However, considering that each quiver type comes with pros and cons, being able to find your ideal archery quiver option is an important part of preparing yourself as an archer.  

Below are pointers you may find helpful in choosing the best quiver option:

  • Your archery field
  • Your style of shooting
  • The number of arrows you want it to carry
  • The length of your arrows (kid/adult size)
  • Your personal preference

With these in mind, be sure to only shop for high-quality quivers when buying one. Quality remains a top consideration, regardless of the quiver type you choose. By choosing a Legend quiver, you’re sure to enjoy the benefit of a quiver that’s durable, adjustable,  lightweight, and safe to use. So, check out our product lineup and find the best quiver for you.