The Five Best Things About Archery As a Family Sport

There are few sports that can be enjoyed by every member of the family. The five best things about archery as a family sport can be summed up in one word: togetherness. Everyone in the family can benefit from the five best things about archery.

  1. Archery is a sport of accuracy and concentration. Our pre-teen son had problems focusing on schoolwork. We noticed how he could focus on the target at the range. We purchased a compound bow for him one Christmas. His grades have improved dramatically. And his maturity level has increased, also.
  2. Outdoors, outdoors, outdoors. We enjoy going to the outdoor range. There is an indoor range that we go to during inclimate weather. Since we seldom have bad weather in Tucson, we prefer the outdoor range. While there, we also take the trails. These can be fun because we see nature at its best. We have seen cacti and other desert plants in bloom; we've heard birds calling; we've seen horned toads; and we've even seen javelina remains. The sun coming up over the mountains on a chilly morning make you want to huddle together or run to the next target. Absolutely the best!
  3. Sportsmanship. Our pre-teen son was having difficulty with winningn and losing. After going to the range and seeing that even great archers had bad days, he is much easier to get along with. He can even shrug off when he misses the target entirely.
  4. Comradery. Archery helps overcome shyness. Our son has learned to talk openly and respectfully with other archers on the range. He even invites others to go on the trail with us. Many times when we arrive at the range, we unload the car and our son is at one end of the range talking to archers before we even get set up. When we first started going, he did not want to stay if even one other archer was there. Now he actually enjoys challenging others and doesn't mind losing.
  5. Stress reliever. Nowadays everyone experiences some stress in their life. Even school-age children experience stress. Since archer does rely a great deal on focus, the archer tends to escape the every worries and focus on the immediate task at hand -- getting a bull's eye.

I enjoy archery with my husband, son, and grandson. The archer does not need to go hunting; the same benefits can be achieved from target shooting. Just gather your family and do it!