Understanding Compound Bow Stabilizers

Okay, you bought the compound bow, now you need to accessorise, every accessory you add to your bow and arrow serves a primary function. Most of them resulting in better accuracy and precision.

A bow stabilizer is no different, understanding its function and how they can help you is the first step in determining if you need or want one.

A bow Stabilizer serves two main functions: 

  1. Puts a balancing weight on your bow to keep it steady and more stable.
  2. It aids in absorbing excessive vibrations and hand shocks

Now truly understanding what a Stabilizer is and why its performance is important, is the first step in determining whether you use one or not. lets examine the two functions.

What is the makeup of a Stabilizer?

Unlike the first stabilizers on the market, when they were made up of heavy metal tubes, the stabilizers of today are actually made up of carbon or plastics.

Now, even though one of the main functions of the stabilizer is weight, the carbon or plastic material remains durable and lightweight enough to perform as well as metal without causing too much weight to your bow. At the end of the stabilizer tube itself is the weight, the weights main purpose is to counter balance the bow, thus keeping it stable when being shot, consequently allowing your arrow to follow a straighter path to its target. The stabilizer is designed so the weight sits at the front of the bow giving you more consistency in aiming. The outcome is better accuracy for the archer, time and time again.

In the tubing just before the weight in a stabilizer, is a component of vibration absorbing materials, likely made up of mostly rubber, this is called the dampening device. Its this dampening device that allows the stabilizer to perform its second function, which is reducing the vibration the bow makes when releasing the arrow, ultimately giving you a quieter shooting bow.

A simple bow quiver full of broadhead arrows will serve the same purpose as a stabilizer for adding weight, if that is all your looking for is weight. But if your looking to reduce vibration or hand shock, then yes a stabilizer is what you want.

There are many different stabilizers on the market today, but again, like most things in archery, you have to determine whether your going to be target shooting or hunting with your bow.

Typically, target shooting models are much longer, usually 2 - 3 feet, then hunting models, which are 6 - 8 inches and only weigh about 3 - 10 ounces.

Another thing to keep in mind, the longer the stabilizer the more steady your bow will be and consequently the more accurate you will be. Which is why the longer models are used for target archery shooting or competition shooting. But when it comes to walking through the woods, they can be quit cumbersome, which explains the shortness of the hunting mode