How And Where to Store Your Archery Equipment

How And Where to Store Your Archery Equipment

It would be a sheer miracle if an impaired arrow could actually hit the right target.  So unless you are new to archery, you would know just how important it is to prioritize the welfare of your arrows.

It’s no brainer, with a damaged fletching or a dented shaft you’re only destining yourself to failure. So why not take the extra measure to avoid such a disappointment and just store them correctly, as that is one of the key ways to keeping your archery equipments intact.

Store your arrows in a quiver

You know that item that always saves you from jabbing yourself? Yes, that very same quiver can come in handy here too. The quiver is an ideal way of storing your arrows, a method the veterans of archery and hunting usually recommend. It is one of the best ways to keep the arrows straight and strong for years. But here’s the catch, if you jam too many arrows in the quiver, it will end up ruining the fletching, so you have to make sure you keep it within reason.

Use an Arrow divider

The second is using an arrow divider, an item that can hold about a dozen arrows at once. But you have to use the foam divider, as the plastic ones are widely known for denting the wood and marring the finish of the arrow.


And now let’s look to our most treasured article – THE BOW.

There are so many things that can damage the bow: dry firing, stringing your bow backwards, lending it to friends that are heavier than you, leaving it out in the rain-the list can go on and on. But did you know that storing your bow in the garage, attic, or in the back of your car can also dwarf the age of your bow? The high humidity or aridity it will be exposed to in these areas will wrap your bow.

So here are some of the alternatives that can have your bow count longer years.

  • Keep your bows in the driest area of the house, preferably laid horizontally on a shelf or between pegs.
  • If you plan on storing away your bow for a long period of time, then use a strong bow case that is designed to keep it in place.
  • Always unstring your bow. The immense compression the bowstring creates on the belly of the bow will slowly but surely weaken it, if not released frequently. So whether your bow is fiberglass or not it’s always best to unstring it before putting it to rest for the night.

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