These 5 Simple Tips Will Help You Improve Your Accuracy

August 12, 2018

archery tips  

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Accuracy is one of the primary goals of a great archer. For those who practice archery for competitions, for example, more accurate shots mean higher scores. But being a skilled archer is not just about the quantifiable criteria. Sometimes, looking at the simplest of things makes you realise that they are the best foundations, and this applies to archery and bowhunting skills as well – if you start with a solid footing on the basics, you can easily work your way up to enhancing the more complex know-hows in order to polish your skills. Have a look at the tips below.


1. Find a pre-shot routine that works and stick to it

With practice, you will soon discover a comfortable routine that works for you. Just like prepping up for a match, checking your equipment, working on your stance and applying mental focus, a consistent routine that yields accurate shots for you is worth maintaining and sticking to. Anything as simple as breathing, posture, or internal focus that helps your mind and body as you aim can make a difference when you finally release that arrow.


2. Eliminate distractions and focus on the target

Proper focus is one of the most important aspects in getting accurate shots. By drowning out distractions and directing your mental energy on the target, you’re halfway through a perfect shot. The trick is to focus on the smallest spot you can identify. This narrows down your aim as you condition your mind and muscles to get an accurate shot of that spot.


3. Use arrows that shoot the same

The more often you use your arrows, the more you’ll get to know them. Arrows don’t shoot the same but with frequent use, you can distinguish which ones fly in a particular manner and you can group them together. Taking that into account, you will know how to manage your stance and prepare for your shots leading towards accurate hits.


4. Invest in equipment that are compatible with each other

From the very start when you choose and spend on equipment - especially your bows, arrows, and accessories - take note and ensure that they fit and mesh properly. Select your arrows, arrow rest and peep sight making sure that they are matched, fully functional and could be made to work with each other like one teamed-up unit. For example, ensure that your arrow rest is the appropriate type that can hold the type of arrows you are using.

5. Use more than one anchor point

The anchor point is a point in your face that you use as reference to ensure that you are consistent in pulling your string back as you prepare to make your shot. Some people place the bowstring or a part of their hand to the corners of the mouth, by the nose, or the earlobe. But if you use only one point, this may change positions from time to time when you get tired or make unconscious posture changes. Make sure you take note of at least 2 anchor points to guarantee that your bowstring placements and pulls are lined up properly every time.

Mastering accuracy in your shots will not happen overnight. Archery is a sport that will test your patience but will also reward you with satisfaction if you persevere to hone your skills. The above tips are worth considering and putting into practice to help you with improving accuracy in your shots. Feel free to share your advice or add some of your personal experiences.


Martin Douglas
Martin Douglas