4 Essential Advices Before Buying a Bow

Ask a dozen archery pros for tips on selecting the best bow and you will likely get a dozen different opinions. This can cause frustration in people new to the sport as they try to sift through all the advice to find a bow that they can be happy with. To help you with your decision process, we have put together the following tips :


1 - Pick a bow to match your size. Whether you get a traditional bow, compound bow, or some variation in between, pick a bow that fits your draw size and height. There is nothing worse that to get a bow that is ill-suited to your build. It will cause you endless frustration and may lead to you leaving the sport prematurely. The best way to combat this is to go to your local sporting goods store to get your measurements in these areas. This will help save you time and give you peace of mind when buying your bow online.


2 - Opt for a lighter weight initially. The best plan is to pick a bow that is about 10 to 15 pounds lighter than the maximum weight you can handle. This is a good weight to begin learning how to shoot a bow and arrow with and will allow you to shoot more efficiently. As you become a more experienced archer, you can always move up to a higher weight.


3 - Start with an inexpensive bow. There are a ton of nice high end archery bows that can run upwards of $1000. However, it is best for beginners to choose a good basic bow priced under $400. These bows will give you a chance to learn how to shoot and will allow you to appreciate the additional advantages of higher end bows when you make the upgrade to them.


4 - Give yourself time to master the bow before making an upgrade. As previously mentioned above, avoid making the jump up to higher quality bows or adding on additional accessories like scopes, sights, etc. until you have mastered basic bow shooting. The belief may be that these other items may help your performance, but unless you master the basics straight away, any gains made will evaporate very quickly. Practice on the basics first and in a year's time, you should be ready for an upgrade.


These archery bow tips are a good starting point towards finding your ideal archery bow. However, to make sure you get the best starting bow for you, you will need more specific tips on Archery Bows.


What bow do you own ? Let us know in the comments section.