3 Bad Habits That Will Ruin Your Shot

Here, I have listed 3 bad habits, the effects they have on your shot, and the simple answers to fixing the problem of archery shot.


Bad Habit #1 - Let Up - Just before you release the string from your anchor point you move your string hand forward in anticipation of your release. This bad habit could be caused by being fatigued, over-bowed, or simply anticipating your release.

Identification: The Let Up has very similar effects to Turkey Necking. The process of moving your hand forward changes the length of draw on your string. This changes the amount of force your string puts on the arrow. This, of course, changes the ark on the arrow flight resulting in a vertical inconsistency of your grouping. You will be hitting the target below your intended mark.

The Fix: A short break could be the answer to fixing this problem. If a short break doesn't do the trick then you should stop your practice session immediately. Again, you can implement aiming drills into your practices session to build endurance if you believe that you are over-bowed.


Bad Habit #2 - Not Settling In - Not Settling In is referring to the aiming process before you release your arrow. By not settling into your shot, you are releasing the arrow before your bow arm has the opportunity to stabilize on your target. This means that your bow arm is still in motion when the arrow is release. Once again, this can be caused by fatigue, being over-bowed, or anticipating your release.

Identification: By not settling into your shot, your arrow grouping will be sporadic and very hard to identify by arrow grouping alone. Pay attention to your aiming process. If you are releasing your arrow too quickly, you may not be settling in.

The Fix: Aiming Drills, Aiming Drills, and Oh, I forgot... Aiming Drills. Aiming Drills are an excellent way to build endurance, strength, and focus.


Bad Habit #3 - Collapsing - Here again is a bad habit that can form due to fatigue or being over-bowed. Collapsing is the process of letting those back muscles loose and allowing your shoulders to collapse before your release the arrow.

Identification: The process of collapsing moves your anchor point forward resulting in a low shot. It may also change the path of your release resulting in a low, off centered shot. the only way to identify this bad habit is to pay attention to your shoulders before you release the arrow.

The Fix: Take longer breaks between each shot. This gives your muscles time to recover from the previous shot. If that doesn't help then take longer breaks between ends (rounds) as well.


Do you have other bad habits ? Tell us in comments.